Take charge of your health by completing a Health Risk Assessment

Take charge of your health by completing a Health Risk Assessment

HILL AIR FORCE BASE — Know Your Numbers, Know Your Risk. Complete Your HRA wellness profile today.

The Air Force Civilian Health Promotion Services program, or CHPS, is a mobile worksite wellness program providing free health and wellness services and resources to the federal civilian workforce at Hill AFB, and they have a great way for you to take charge of your health by completing the Health Risk Assessment Wellness Profile.

What is an HRA Wellness Profile and why should I complete it?

The HRA Wellness Profile is a tool designed to give you a snapshot of your overall health. Knowing your baseline can assist you in improving your current health status, or let you know when it’s time for you to visit your healthcare provider to address specific risks that may be concerning. If available, have your recent blood work (cholesterol, glucose) and vitals (weight, blood pressure) to enter into the questionnaire for more accurate results.

How do I take the HRA Wellness Profile?

The HRA Wellness Profile only takes 10 to15 minutes to complete and can be taken annually on a computer by logging into your USAFwellness.com account. Or, download the app by searching for Motivation Alliance in the app store on your iOS/Apple or Android device. If you do not already have a USAFwellness.com account you will need to create one. Upon account creation the system will automatically prompt you to complete the HRA Wellness Profile.

Active duty are not required to take the HRA Wellness Profile, but have the option to once logged into their USAFwellness.com account.

How is my HRA Wellness Profile information protected?

Information collected in the HRA Wellness Profile is strictly anonymous and confidential. The web portal is secure and makes no use of your private data for any purposes.

What happens after I take my HRA Wellness Profile?

Upon completion of the Health Risk Assessment you will receive your Wellness Profile, which includes your relative lifestyle risk level (low, moderate, or high), recommendations for ways to improve your current health status, and/or information about when it’s time to consult with your doctor.

USAFwellness.com can assist in your journey to a healthier lifestyle by providing you with tools you need such as: information on various health topics, activity and nutrition tracking tools with the ability to sync your health information from your wearable (i.e. FitBit Garmin etc.), a recipe library, and much more.

Participants who complete their annual HRA in January, February, or March can print or show their completion certificate to their local CHPS team to receive a free shaker bottle. Contact Hill AFB CHPS at britlie.n.silvester.ctr@mail.mil or 801-586-6021 for more information.

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