729th ACS enhance readiness with Raging Bull exercise

729th ACS enhance readiness with Raging Bull exercise

WENDOVER, Utah — During the month of September, the 729th Air Control Squadron participated in Raging Bull, the unit’s largest exercise of the year. Airmen from the squadron convoyed from Hill Air Force Base to historic Wendover Airfield located in Utah’s west desert.

At Wendover, Airmen from 729th ACS set up a remote radar site, extending the unit’s ability to control aircraft beyond the limitations of using a single location. In addition, a center and reporting contingent was setup within their compound back at Hill AFB that was staffed by several hundred personnel from various career fields.

In addition to setting up a remote radar site, the squadron set up a campsite and established services such as power and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning to exercise for future deployments.

“These are an amazing group of Airmen,” said 2nd Lt. Jaceson Powell. “They came out here with operation goal of getting the site set up in 72 hours and they did it in 48 hours.”

During the exercise, the Airmen performed realistic readiness training. The squadron participate in multiple chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear scenarios, along with anti-terrorism and force protection responses, as well as medical training in self-aid buddy care.

Readiness exercises such as Raging Bull prepare the 729th ACS a meet a potential world-wide tasking at any given time.

“Our mission is to deploy on short notice to anywhere in the world and provide combatant commanders with persistent 24/7 battle management command and control of joint air operations,” said Lt. Col. Jeffrey Digsby, 729th ACS commander.

The 729th ACS provides the theater Air Force commander a rapid reaction mobile air control system and control and reporting center during worldwide contingencies.

“This exercise honed the Airmen’s deployment skills,” Powell said. “We deploy …so we need to keep them ready for the next deployment when we carry out the actual mission. This keeps them in that deployment mindset, because it can happen at any time.”

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