ACTION LINE: Submitting ‘Art of the Possible’ ideas


Q: Where is the inbox to submit the Art of the Possible ideas? I have looked all over the Net and I cannot seem to find a place to forward suggestions.

A: The Airmen Powered by Innovation program is the current program for sharing innovative ideas that affect cost savings, quality, productivity, cycle time, process improvement and morale from the ground up to Air Force senior decision makers. 

Submitting an idea is simple; in September 2014, the Air Force’s Office of Business Transformation launched an enhanced Airmen Powered by Innovation page hosted on the Air Force Portal. The page provides information including the latest Airmen Powered by Innovation approval statistics, access to historical data, current status of ideas in progress, and commonly received ideas that were approved or disapproved and rationale for disapproval. 

These tools can help refine and enhance potential submissions, making it even easier for Airmen to communicate their ideas on how to improve the way the Air Force does business.

The website must be accessed from a government computer using your Command Access Card. Visit