Leading with positive energy

Leading with positive energy

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-LACKLAND, Texas — If we step back and look, everything on Earth is run by energy, including us. This energy acts as fuel and variance of our fuel level can change our emotions. Furthermore, as we walk through life, we emit emotional energy, which – positive or negative – can influence those around us.

Case in point, that highly motivated leader who comes around and gets everyone fired up. When they leave, you feel charged and excited to complete the mission. One example of this kind of leader is former Secretary of Defense, James D. Mattis: his emotions and demeanor is calm while speaking, but it is magnified from his vocabulary and positional power. That coupled with his love for the troops inspires high morale and motivation.

Negative energy is quite different from positive. It’s incited by pressure, which can come from many different stresses in life. Personally, when I feel negative and have a poor attitude, majority of the time it’s due solely to the lack of control or power.

Frustration or aggravation can come from situations at work, in the family, or out in society where there is a lack of control in what is happening or what is being said. This fuels negative emotions, which is when we start to mistreat and disrespect each other.

It is in these times, we should strive to influence those around us with our positive energy rather than be influenced by negativity.

When someone communicating with in an upset or highly emotional manner, the first thing to do is to listen and analyze why it is they are unhappy, then you can react based on the person and relationship. It is also important to stay calm and make effort to not duplicate the negative energy.

While listening, I will make mental notes and pull the positive things out of the problem, which will help to provide solutions. Generally, this negative energy will die down when you start to focus on the good in a bad situation. This is the most important and powerful someone can do.

We must find the positive in any and all negative things that happen in our lives. There is always something positive, even if it is small when compared to the negative.

People often ask me why am I so positive? It is because I trained myself to look for the positive in anything.

Once I discovered the impact energy can have and how easily it can be swayed, I realized there was more joy in life if you look for it. I understood the impact that I can have on others around me with this joy and have come to appreciate that my cup isn’t half empty or even half full, but it is full and overflows for other people to enjoy.

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