Hill wraps up Energy Awareness Month

October marks National Energy Awareness Month. This month provides a special opportunity to educate individuals, and to evaluate and innovate for the future. Our national prosperity, security and environmental well-being are hinged upon energy security and reliability.   

Amid anticipation of costumes and candy, the month offers a chance to talk about our country’s energy security and its clean energy future. There are numerous opportunities for learning about and joining in this national effort. 

Time and again in our nation’s history, Americans have risen to meet and shape moments of transition. 

This is one of those moments. We live in a time of sweeping change. The success of free nations, open markets and social progress has accelerated global competition in the markets. 

Globalization has also intensified the dangers we face from international terrorism and the spread of deadly technologies, economic upheaval and climate change. America’s energy infrastructure is particularly vulnerable to attacks and outside threats. 

It is important to increase our energy security by minimizing energy usage and increasing the use of alternative energy (solar, geothermal, wind, etc.). To preserve military superiority and America’s security, we must educate each other, change our energy culture and improve our energy infrastructure.  

Our strategy starts by recognizing we can contribute to the success of this national campaign. Our strength as a country begins with the steps we take at home. Energy awareness can be taught by living an energy-wise life. You can find energy tips and information on the web at www.energystar.gov, www.rockymountainpower.net, www.questar.com, www.weberbasin.com and www.energy.gov/energysaver. 

You can also “friend” Hill Energy at www.facebook.com/conserve.watts or “like” us at www.twitter.com/HillAFBNRG.

Hill AFB has been actively engaged in energy conservation projects; this has been reflected in the accolades the Energy Team has received in fiscal 2015. The 75th Civil Engineer Squadrdon Energy Management Office was awarded a 2015 Federal Energy and Water Management Award for work done in partnership with Rocky Mountain Power Watt-Smart Incentive Program. 

Through this program, Hill earned over $350,000 in incentive monies, and saved over 6.1 billion BTU of energy. 

Hill AFB was also awarded the AFMC Facility Energy Excellence Award for its work in three categories: energy outreach, energy reduction and planning/programming energy projects. 

Through Hill’s commitment to energy conservation, Rocky Mountain Power named Hill AFB as its 2015 Rocky Mountain Power Business Partner of the year. 

During October, the Hill Energy Office held outreach events focused on “Think Energy … Act Efficiently.” 

The Energy Awareness Fair was held at the Base Exchange — where Hill’s Energy Mascot, “Colonel Conserve,” greeted base personnel and visitors.

Booths were filled by Hill’s energy partners, Hill AFB Environmental, Weber Basin Water, Rocky Mountain Power and Questar Gas (which also brought its famed mascot, “Therm.”)

Energy tips and prizes were handed out during the event. Energy awareness messages were shared between the banners at each base entrance gate, and daily energy tips were posted on Twitter and Facebook. 

Colonel Conserve even dressed in his Superhero Halloween costume, attending the Haunting on the Hill trunk-or-treating event and participated in the Zombie Fun Run.  

While we have made important progress toward achieving the nation’s energy goals, there is still much more work to be done.  Please join with us to ensure national prosperity, security, and environmental well-being. 

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