Individual responsibilities for WAPS testing cycle

Individual responsibilities for WAPS testing cycle

The 2016 Enlisted Promotion Testing Cycles will begin in December, with the 16E8 eligible Airmen. It is imperative Airmen review their records to ensure all information is correct and up-to date prior to the Promotion Eligibility Cutoff Date. The PECD plays and important role in the promotion process; all Enlisted Performance Reports, decorations, and Air Force Specialty Code changes must be completed on or before the PECD to be considered and weighed in the promotion cycle. 

Promotion Eligibility Cutoff Dates (PECD)

• 16E5 cycle – 31 March 2016

• 16E6 cycle – 31 January 2016

• 16E7 cycle – 30 November 2015

• 16E8 cycle – 30 September 2015

• 16E9 cycle – 31 July 2016

The Data Verification Record is the only source document containing information from the WAPS promotion file. To review your DVR, access AFPC Secure and select the following options in order: vMPF, Self-Service Actions, Promotions, Enlisted Promotion Information, Enlisted Data Verification Record. The “AS OF” date on your DVR reflects the latest system refresh from WAPS. 

The DVR consists of: 

• Name

• Rank

• Social Security Number

• Unit

• Date of Rank

• Current Promotion Cycle

• Promotion Eligibility Status

If your promotion eligibility status remarks “ineligible” for any reason, you are currently ineligible to compete for promotion this cycle. If you believe your eligibility status is in error, contact your Commander’s Support Staff or Military Personnel Section for assistance updating your record.

The promotion information consists of your training status code, Promotion Fitness Examination and Specialty Knowledge Test testing requirements. It is your responsibility to be prepared to test on the first day of the testing cycle. You must review the Enlisted Promotions Reference and Requirements Catalog to ensure you have the correct study references for the promotion cycle. 

All WAPS testing takes place in Building 385, room 206. Airmen must be in an authorized uniform and have their military ID card with them. The testing room door will be promptly closed at the listed testing time on your AF Form 1566; anyone arriving after the door is closed is considered a no-show.

For additional information on what should appear in your DVR, go to the Promotions Page on myPers 

Airmen should also review AFI 36-2502, Airman Promotion/Demotion Programs and AFI 36-2605, Air Force Military Personnel Testing System.

Contact the Military Personnel Section at 801-777-1661 for assistance in updating your records and the WAPS Testing Office at 801-777-7295 for questions specific to testing.

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