ACTION LINE: Sauna misuse, broken gym equipment


Q: I would like to say that closing the sauna in the Warrior Fitness Center “indefinitely” because one person misused it (put a towel over the rocks) is a very poor way to handle the situation. Punishing everyone for the actions of one person is neither fair nor reasonable, and it’s very demoralizing to the thousands of us who didn’t do anything wrong. I wish management would reconsider this.

Additionally, more and more machines have become broken and they weren’t even identified as broken for months; some are still not identified. I’ve spent 26 years on active duty and 11 years of civil service and (have) never seen the gym get so negative and rundown. I have tried talking to gym leadership and staff more than a dozen times before I went this route. They simply didn’t seem to care.

A: Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, incidents of sauna misuse at the Warrior Fitness Center are common. Covering the heating sensor with a towel is the most dangerous case of misuse we have encountered. The most recent incident resulted in the temperature reaching 250 degrees, 70 degrees higher than the standard, and it melted the warning sign. Because safety is our top priority, the sauna will remain closed until we can devise a way to prevent this from happening again.

Separately, we are actively working to repair broken and aged equipment. Some equipment has recently been repaired, and parts are on order for other equipment. Due to budget constraints, we will not be able to fix or replace everything as quickly as we would like, and we appreciate your patience.