AFMC exceeds Air Force small business goals for fiscal 2014

AFMC exceeds Air Force small business goals for fiscal 2014

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio — In 2014, and for the first time since 2005, Air Force Materiel Command exceeded its goal for awarding contracts to small businesses. The fiscal year 2014 small business goal was 10.41 percent of contracts awarded, and AFMC achieved 12.03 percent, with $3.7 billion awarded to small businesses.

“The hard work and efforts of senior leaders, small business specialists and contracting offices in the field have contributed to this AFMC success,” said AFMC Director of Small Business E. Jean Smith.   

The AFMC Small Business program ensures that the command maintains a competitive edge and that small businesses can obtain a fair share of federal contract dollars. Each year, the Air Force Small Business office establishes a Small Business Senior Leader Performance Expectation for each command. AFMC managed approximately 65 percent of the Air Force contracts and 46 percent of the Air Force small business prime awards in 2014. 

“Fiscal 2014 started with budget cuts, and total obligations across AFMC were also down from the previous year. Although total obligations were decreased, we obligated more of that portion to small businesses,” she said

“Initiatives went out that were signed by AFMC Commander Gen. Janet Wolfenbarger in January 2014 to ensure we were maximizing competition and increasing small-business opportunities,” Smith said.  

Smith also increased communication with industry by providing no-cost outreach events throughout the year. These events offered opportunities for the small-business program and industry to have candid and open discussions about challenges and what can be done to improve relationships. The events also allowed AFMC small-business offices to inform industry about requirements and the importance of responding to Requests for Information and Draft Request for Proposals.

“We want to ensure small businesses are given a fair opportunity,” Smith said.

AFMC won the 2012 and 2013 Secretary of the Air Force Annual Small Business Award, as well as the 2013 Secretary of the Air Force Small Business Director’s Top Major Command award.

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