419th FW to focus on mental health, well-being

419th FW to focus on mental health, well-being

HILL AIR FORCE BASE — LeeAnn Gossett has spent the last 17 years preparing for her role as the 419th Fighter Wing’s director of psychological health, a new position created to ensure the well-being of wing members.

Before joining the 419th in November 2014, Gossett gained experience in the mental health career field in several different environments, from jails to hospitals. With every job, she came to a better understanding of how people deal with stress, depression and change.

“Wing leadership intends to focus more on mental health and put a more positive connotation on Airmen asking for and receiving support,” Gossett said. “We want to be clear that each Airman in the wing matters.”

A full-time civilian employee, Gossett is poised to provide Airmen with counseling and coping strategies, and act as a mental health resource for first sergeants and commanders. Gossett says she is prepared to deal with issues such as suicide, domestic violence, post-traumatic stress disorder and substance abuse.

“Most importantly,” Gossett said, “I want everyone to know that I’m here during the week and on every drill weekend should anyone in the wing need me.”

That includes both military and civilian personnel. Even traditional reservists who are not on orders can meet at any time with Gossett.

Gossett, a licensed social worker with a master’s degree, is also working with chaplains, first shirts and other mental health professionals across the base to ensure Airmen’s needs are being met. She is also available to meet with groups of Airmen or speak at special events, such as Wingman Day.

To reach Gossett, 419th members may call 801-657-1233, or email her at leeann.gossett@us.af.mil.

Bryan Magaña contributed to this story.

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