2019 SE&TM winners are announced for Team Hill

2019 SE&TM winners are announced for Team Hill

HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah — Team Hill announced the winners of the 2019 science, engineering, and technical management awards Feb. 20 during a ceremony at the Hill Aerospace Museum.

Hill Air Force Base recognizes individuals and teams each year who have excelled with STEM-related responsibilities supporting the nation’s warfighters and improving the tools and systems they use. The Air Force recruits and fills many STEM-oriented career fields and maintains a strong technical capability in support of a variety of weapons systems.

The winners are:

309th Missile Maintenance Group

Junior Civilian Scientist/Engineer, Matthew H. Sandstrom; Mid-Career Civilian Scientist/Engineer, Wayne A. Nelson; Senior Civilian Scientist/Engineer, Alan B. Taylor; Engineering Technician, David H. Child; and Career Achievement, Scott L. Combe.

309th Software Engineering Group

Junior Civilian Scientist/Engineer Award, Brandon Madura; Mid-Career Civilian Scientist/Engineer, Brian M. Bingham; Senior Civilian Scientist/Engineer, Bruce Lehr; Technical Management, Daniel M. Gillespie; Engineering Technician, Gregory Bird; and Career Achievement, Leslie A. Smith; Support Award, Tharen A. Blue; General James Ferguson Engineering Award, Michael P. McMichael; General Lester L. Lyles Award, Jessica E. Rees; Harold Brown Award, Pablo S. Ramos; STEM Outreach Team Award, Software Engineering Group (Kasey S. Thompson, Kelsey M. Henrichsen, Chad McIntire, Daniel W. Hillstead, Jesse J. Farb, Casaundra Unguren, Corbin C. Bell, Heather L. Giacalone, Ashlee Ward, Jessica E. Rees, Sarah J. Nelson, Deborah A. Roach, Kammi R. Mears, Richard G. Haws, Morgan B. Jensen, James A. Vallesillo, and Ryan F. Yoshida); Technical Management Team Award, Human Engineering Development System Team (Kyle Hansen, Brandon Madura, Brent Jarvis, Trevor Nybo, Laura Wells, Ken Muhlestein, Jason Mortensen, Taylor Alvey, Adam Bennion, Austin Eversole, Stephen Coffman, Danielle Fitzgerald, Marcus Griffiths, Thomas Hughes, David Jenkins, Paul Judd, John Laney, Tanner Lyman, Daniel Miller, Aaron Nybo, Cole Palmer, David Robinson, Johnathan Rudy, Jerry Taylor, Spencer Thorson, Emerson Udy, and Robert Walton, and Shuen-Jinq Wang); General Bernard P. Randolph Engineering Team Award, A-10 Operational Flight Program Team (Jeremy J. Grant, Jeffrey C. Jones, Michael O. Engh, Rafael Magana Huerta, Zayd L. Ma, Christopher I. Sheffield, John M. Guerra, Steve C. Friedrich, Gene M. Done, and Bruce A. Lehr); Outstanding Scientist Team Award, Center Display Unit BADJER Scrum Team (Bradley Leyland, Jacob Child, Richard Ward, and Robert Taggart.)

748th Supply Chain Management Group

Junior Military Scientist/Engineer, 1st Lt. Noah F. Kwock; Mid-Career Military Scientist/Engineer, Capt. Eric T. Yerly; Junior Civilian Scientist/Engineer, Dr. Eric S. Collins; Mid-Career Civilian Scientist/Engineer, Rebecca Senkel; Senior Civilian Scientist/Engineer, Brad Martin; Critical Engineering Position, Bryson C. Kent; Technical Management, Gerald Egan Wheeler; Career Achievement, Lane D. Wilson; Support Award, Dave Berg; General James Ferguson Engineering Award, Eric R. Dye; General Lester L. Lyles Award, Val R. Klemm; Captain Roland R. Obenland Engineering Memorial Award, 2nd Lt. Carloz Chavez; Engineering Achievement, Daniel B. Newquist; Dr. Paul G. Kaminski Most Promising Systems Engineer, Michael T. Parkin; Harold Brown Award, Dan W. Christenson; Technical Management Team Award, 748th Supply Chain Management Group – IIRP Development Team (Dan W. Christenson, Ryan W. Josephson, Michael J. Blommer, Andrew J. Isolampi, Harold S. Demar, Micah J. Hignight, Val R. Klemm, Tyrell G. Philpott, and Alan J. Loveless); General Bernard P. Randolph Engineering Team Award, 414th Supply Chain Management Squadron-ICBM Ground Mechanical Engineering Team (Kyle D. Jeppson, Ryan W. Josephson, Bryan A. Neilson, Skylar L. Hatch, Michael A. Gonzales, Jacob I. Baumgarten); Outstanding Scientist Team Award, 417th Supply Chain Management Squadron-F-15 Wheel & Brake System Improvement Team (Ron Montgomery, Chad Hogan, Dee Mackliet, Brad Martin, Terri Nelson, Michael Schow, Shandra Bates, Carson Holden, Brian Fowers, Thomas Gonsor, Amber Evans, Paul Hudson, Travis Adams, Reed Merkley, Courtney Rice, Rachel Spann, Andrew Clark, Gerald Wheeler, Jared Butterfield, David Frederick, and Rocky Tello); Advanced Technology Development Team Award, 417th Supply Chain Management Squadron -Restoration of Dimensional Surfaces (RODS) Team (Ron Montgomery, Chad Hogan, Robert Young, Celina Lopez, Jacob Beers, Michael Blommer, Dave Frederick, Mary Wolf, Scott Soltys, Deidra Meier, Adam Evans, Shelly Jackson, and Brad Martin.)

Air Force Life Cycle Management Center

Munitions Division

Junior Civilian Scientist/Engineer, Moroni J. Cummings; Mid-Career Civilian Scientist/Engineer, Bret K Nakagawa; Technical Management Team Award, JDAM Continuous Improvement Team (Dustin Thiel, Capt. Kevin J. Steuterman, 1st Lt. Joseph B. Locklar, Kc McAnaul, Travis Heidbreder, Jeff Morman, Steve Keetch, Sara Larson, Christopher Trumbull, Ken Johnson, and Michael Larsen.)

Aerospace Enabler Division

Junior Military Scientist/Engineer, 1st Lt. Timothy Nguyen; Mid-Career Military Scientist/Engineer, Maj. Klayton Bobsein; Junior Civilian Scientist/Engineer, William Cheng; Mid-Career Civilian Scientist/Engineer, Michael Tolman; Senior Civilian Scientist/Engineer, David Lindquist;Technical Management, Connie Hadfield; Engineering Technician, Steven Morrow; Support Award, Monique MacCarthy; Reservist/Individual Mobilization Augmentee, Maj. Oba Vincent; Technical Leadership, Jeremy Larsen; Mentor, Eric Widdison; Jorge F. Gonzalez Engineering Analysis Award, Matthew Huff; Career Achievement, Lynn Silver; Technical Management Team Award, Atmospheric Early Warning System Team (Clayton Butler, Ahab Okal, Neil Alles, Riley McFarland, Scott Corpe, Reed Bernard, Isaiah Merriam, Roy Tanner, Jeff McNamee, Steven Morrow); Engineering Team Award, Advanced Radar Threat System Variant 2 V2 Team (Eric Widdison, Robert Barron, Larry E. Carver, Cornell Clawson, Saeed Emadi, Benjamin Evans, Kimberly Farmer, Lindsey Fields, David Gallegos, Constance Hadfield, Cody Hauver, Britton Hayden, Jeffrey Hockett, Xavier Holl

Van Huynh, John Paul Johnston, Sean Jones, Jeremy Larsen, Trent Livingston, Charles Lovatt, Tanisha Mabry, Kelly Moore, Timothy Nguyen, and Timothy Rotert.)

A-10 Division

Junior Military Scientist/Engineer, 1st Lt. James B. Gegenheimer; Junior Civilian Scientist/Engineer, Jacob J. Warner; Mid-Career Civilian Scientist/Engineer, Casey R. Thurber; Senior Civilian Scientist/Engineer, George P. Rogers; Engineering Technician, Christopher J. McLaughlin; Jorge F. Gonzalez Engineering Analysis Award, Robert S. Merrill; Technical Management Team Award, Contract Data Management Module Team (Marlene Dayton, Cassie Belt, Carla Poling, Brian L. Thompson, Edward C. Grohs, Jeffrey R. Howell, Robin N. Chambers, and Daryl A. Martens); General Bernard P. Randolph Engineering Team Award, A-10 Wing Team (George P. Rogers, Casey R. Thurber, Joel D. Cooke, Timothy M. Allred, Matthew S. Burris, and Bruce W. Anderson.)

F-16 Division

Junior Military Scientist/Engineer, 1st Lt. Elliott Coody; Junior Civilian Scientist/Engineer, Nathan Hawkes; Mid-Career Civilian Scientist/Engineer, Greg Silverstein; Senior Civilian Scientist/Engineer, Eric Matheson; and Engineering Team Award, F-16 Coatings and Corrosion Team (Nathan Hawkes, Jonathan Satterthwaite, William (Sonny) Koftinow, and Don Edwards.)

F-22 Division

Junior Civilian Scientist/Engineer, Joseph Nelson; and Senior Civilian Scientist/Engineer, Clint Sherman.

Air Force Nuclear Weapon Systems ICBM Directorate

Junior Military Scientist/Engineer, Capt. Austin Troya; Junior Civilian Scientist/Engineer, Hayden Christensen; Mid-Career Civilian Scientist/Engineer, Nathan Whipple; Senior Civilian Scientist/Engineer, Sharen Wirkus; Engineering Technician, Mark Heims; Career Achievement, John Pulver; General James Ferguson Engineering Award, Jonathan Tippetts; Captain Roland R. Obenland Engineering Memorial Award, Capt. Paul Latt; Technical Management Team Award, Reentry Vehicle & Warhead GBSD Qualification Team (Capt. Scott M. Hedden, Capt. Paul Latt, Ryan T. Hooke, Jason E. Topham, Sean R. Johnson, Christopher M. Paster, Stephen G. Huve, Stephen Stanko, Ralph Elwell, Anthony J. Webb, Brian J. Palmer, Keith Gardner, Russell A. Crook, Otto J. Anderson, Lt. Col. Brett Cooper, Kerry L. Wright, Michael A. Daniels

Eric W. Hoffman, and Timothy J. Green); General Bernard P. Randolph Engineering Team Award, ICBM Digital Engineering Team (Robert T. Watson, Capt. Scott Hedden, Hayden Christensen, Christopher Osborn, Michael Daniels, Jason Topham, Steve Knight, Sam Potter, Mark Elkins, Keith Lucas, and 1st Lt. Thomas Eastwick); General Lester L. Lyles Team Award, GBSD Recruiting Team (Jamie Marsh, Lt. Col. Brett Cooper, 1st Lt. Jourdan Harris, Katie Valentine, Tina Miller, Tiffany Hepworth, Micki Mitchell, Tyler Deamer, James Delaney, and David Engen.)

Air Force Sustainment Center Engineering Directorate OL-Hill

Junior Civilian Scientist/Engineer, Caroline M. LeClair; Military STEM Volunteer of the Year, 1st Lt. John P. McCrea, AFNWC ICBM Systems Directorate; Civilian STEM Volunteer of the Year, Tyler J. Shillig, 309th SWEG; General Lester L. Lyles Team Award, V9 Hiring Tool Team, (Craig Bodily, Robert Robins, Angela Fowers, Bryan Bell, Casey Olney, Shay Nielsen, Eric Peterson, James Vanfleet, and Cynthia Pestotnik.)

Director’s Choice Awards

309th Missile Maintenance Group, Wayne Nelson; 309th Aircraft Maintenance Group, Kenneth Walter; 309 Commodities Maintenance Group, Michael Loveless; 309th SWEG, Marcus Rogers; 748th SCMG, Spencer Terry; AFLCMC Munitions Division, Bret K. Nakagawa; AFLCMC Aerospace Enabler Division, Britton Hayden; AFLCMC Mature and Proven Aircraft Division, Adam Hamblin; AFLCMC A-10 Division, George P. Rogers; AFLCMC F-16 Division, Jonathan Gorzitze; AFNWC ICBM Systems Directorate, Nicole R. Potter; and AFSC Engineering Directorate OL-Hill, Val Sackmann and Cody Duran.

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