The Air Force Sustainment Center is ready for 2019. Building on the successes of 2018, our professional workforce of dedicated Airmen is well postured for the opportunities ahead.

As our world-class civilian and military Airmen take care of our mission, let’s continue to also make it a priority to take care of each other. The wingmen we work closely with every day become an integral part of our lives and, as such, our resiliency first responders. Continue to look out for your wingmen as we collectively look after our nation’s defense.

This year’s priorities will focus on doing our part to build a faster and smarter Air Force. The AFSC has a central role in meeting weapon system readiness goals and capitalizing on innovation across our air logistics complexes and supply chain organizations. Additionally, we’ll continue to focus on the security of our installations. Success will require our combined efforts.

Our National Defense Strategy depends on smart, flexible practitioners. As a sustainment center professional, you will be relied upon to execute each of those attributes in your functional role. I look forward to the contributions our AFSC team will make in 2019 to deliver and support agile, war-winning capabilities.

As always, I thank you for investing in the future of our nation. I am proud to serve with you on the AFSC team!


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