Robotic system to be competed at 2018 DoD Maintenance Innovation Challenge

Robotic system to be competed at 2018 DoD Maintenance Innovation Challenge

ROBINS AIR FORCE BASE, Ga. — An electrical engineer in Warner Robins-Air Logistics Complex’s 402nd Commodities Maintenance Group recently learned that thinking outside the box pays off.

Shane Groves was named as one of six finalists to compete in the Department of Defense’s Maintenance Innovation Contest at the DOD’s Maintenance Symposium in Tampa, Florida, Dec. 17.

Groves, 402nd CMXG lead equipment engineer, will present his idea of using robotic automation for Environmental Safety Occupational Health risk reduction, throughput increase and improved quality in the ALC’s various processes at the 2018 MIC.

Groves, who has been at the complex since June 2006, worked closely with a number of colleagues for the group’s idea that illustrates that properly specified and integrated, commercial off the shelf, articulated arm, robotic systems can provide many benefits to depot operations.

“The challenge represents an opportunity to show the rest of the DoD how Robins is leading the way in utilizing technology and robotics to meet the needs of the warfighter,” he said.

The submissions for the MIC will be judged on their impact/relevance to the maintenance world, their originality, how mature or ready the technology is for use, its cross-service applicability, and the feasibility or practicality of the technology for the DoD.

The MIC’s intent is to raise awareness and encourage wide adoption of available technologies, best business practices and innovative maintenance processes, while engaging senior maintenance leaders in assessing and prioritizing promising technology to deliver innovative, agile and affordable maintenance capabilities.

“The competition is a great way to acknowledge all the long hours and hard work put in by the all the process engineers, production personnel, and the Robin’s robotic team to make our robotics program a success,” Groves said.

Groves said the competition gives Robins a way to show we are leveraging technology and utilizing innovative processes.

“It gives senior leadership a way to assess emerging technologies for use in other areas of the DoD,” he said. “It also provides a platform to form partnerships and mature these technologies to an acceptable level for distribution throughout the DoD.”

The winner will be announced during the maintenance symposium plenary session and presented with the 2018 Maintenance Innovation Challenge trophy.

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