ACTION LINE: Roy Gate during peak hours


Q: Could you please enlighten me about the apparent changes to lane availability at the Roy Gate in the mornings? 1) On Friday there was only one lane open, then there were two lanes open. There are no lights above the main lanes so people can’t tell which lane is open. 2) On another day there were only two lanes open, then the third lane did open. What are the timings to the apparent lane restrictions now at the Roy Gate? Could these changes not have been broadcast to the many, many commuters who use the Roy Gate prior to them taking effect?

A: Thank you for your question on this important issue. In January of this year, the installation maximized the number of gates and lanes available by opening an additional inbound lane at the Roy Gate and we are operating at maximum capacity during peak traffic periods. All outbound lanes are open and unimpeded at peak exit times. While I cannot determine the exact scenario that drove the lane restrictions you describe, I can assure you that our goal is to ensure a strong balance between access, security, and officer safety.  As we move forward, it is our intent that all available gate lanes will be open during peak morning hours unless there is an emergency response requiring one of the lanes to close.


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