Action Line


Q: Every morning when I come to work there are always personnel crossing the street in the dark. It is very hard to see them. Because of the accident on Tuesday I feel we need more street lights. Can we put street lights on every corner?

A: We often take for granted the risks we assume driving to and from work each day. On the April 11, we lost one of our own to a tragic accident. We are still piecing together the facts in order to improve how we keep all Hill AFB personnel safe. I have directed our wing safety office and our traffic safety working group to champion an awareness campaign as well as to develop options to reduce the risks of driving on base. I thank you for your suggestion and will incorporate it within the working group’s efforts. You may have noticed we have started to place flashing signs at high traffic crosswalks and stop signs. We plan to do more of this in critical areas as this is all part of our larger effort to make the base as safe as possible. Please continue to be our safety eyes and ears and share your thoughts and concerns with your peers. The better we understand our day-to-day safety risks, the more we can focus on reducing/eliminating them.