Team Hill readies for UEI

Team Hill readies for UEI

HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah — A unit effectiveness inspection will begin in mid-March that will give several of Hill Air Force Base’s organizations a progress report on how well they accomplish their day-to-day missions.

From March 14-24, nearly 130 inspectors from Air Force Materiel Command, the base’s parent command, will visit Hill to assess the effectiveness of the 75th Air Base Wing, Ogden Air Logistics Complex, Life Cycle Management Center, Supply Chain Management Group, Nuclear Warfare Center and other Team Hill mission partners.

The inspector general team will focus on grading four major areas, said Tim Stone, 75th ABW inspector general, by determining how well each of the organizations execute their mission, manage resources, lead people and improve the unit.

In the past, the inspection process involved major readiness and compliance inspections, also known as ORIs and UCIs. Now, IG teams evaluate organizations every two years, following a continuous inspection process which looks at an organization’s performance over a period of time, not just one point in time.

Stone said the primary difference between the new and old way of doing inspections is “less getting ready for the inspection, and more explanation about how an organization performs its day-to-day operations.”

Col. Jennifer Hammerstedt, 75th ABW commander, said she expects Team Hill to perform well during the UEI, because we hold ourselves accountable throughout the year through our own Commander’s Inspection Program. 

“This inspection gives us the opportunity to highlight our mission effectiveness to the AFMC inspectors,” Hammerstedt said. “Our team embraces a culture of excellence, which includes identifying our own deficiencies and working hard to correct them with solid and longstanding corrective actions. We welcome the inspection team…an external look will only make us stronger. We also look forward to showcasing some of Team Hill’s outstanding workforce.”

The inspection program is designed for process changes to sustain adjustments, Stone said, and any changes units make should not be just because an inspection team is visiting, but because they are the right decisions for the mission.

“If an IG inspector asks you a question, be honest in your feedback to him,” Stone said. “Say, ‘this is how we do it at Hill,’ and if there is a blind spot that we haven’t thought of, it’s the IG’s job to show that to our leadership.”

Not all of Hill’s AFMC units will receive a final inspection grade during this visit. Units with parent organizations located elsewhere will receive audit grades. For example, Hill’s LCMC units will receive an audit score that will roll into an overall LCMC UEI score when their parent unit located at Wright-Patterson AFB is inspected sometime next year.

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