As a TEAM, Hill AFB can Count On Us

As a TEAM, Hill AFB can Count On Us

Count On Us! Those three simple, but bold words and motto of the mighty 75th Air Base Wing resonated with me as I was researching my future assignment here. 

After reading the mission, the storied history and defined vision of Hill Air Force Base, I knew immediately this is where I wanted to be. Let me re-phrase that; this is a place I had to be!

When I read the words, Count On Us, I knew I was joining a team where my teammates already knew what Together, Everyone, Achieves, More, or TEAM, is all about.

From entering the gate for the first time and getting that initial “Welcome to Team Hill” to the recent ABW Open House, where my family and I had the opportunity to meet and greet countless professional warriors; these events validated my initial impression of this great installation and TEAM.

Whether it is an Airman straight out of Basic Military Training, the most senior enlisted or officer, or a brand new civilian hire or senior executive service leader; the success of this TEAM is incumbent upon everyone’s contribution. 

And, I’ve already been assured that our TEAM has limitless range and boundless capabilities. The passion, inspiration and enthusiasm is exhibited all around Hill AFB. It is simply infectious!

Oh, by the way, as for that aforementioned limitless range. I would even extend that to our TEAM outside the gates, because of the gracious support received from our community partners that, in my humble opinion, is second to none. 

So, yes! Count On Us might be indeed a bold statement, but I am reassured by the actions of all of you because of the TEAM!

I always like to ask this question, “Who has the best job on the installation?”

I truly feel in my heart that everyone would state that they indeed have that best job. But, if I asked, “Who has the most important job on the installation?” I would like to think this question couldn’t be honestly answered, because we rely on each and every member of this TEAM. 

What we do truly matters every day to the defense of this great nation.

So, as we continue to provide mission-ready Airmen and equipment, outstanding support to Team Hill and supreme care to our people and more than 50 mission partners, let’s continue to strive for excellence and be allergic to average.

From the words of NBA Hall of Fame Coach Phil Jackson, “The strength of the ‘TEAM’ is each individual member. The strength of each member is the ‘TEAM.’”

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