October is Energy Awareness Month

October is Energy Awareness Month

HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah — Protect the power and your pockets! October is National Energy Awareness Month, a time to spotlight the importance of improving energy efficiency and how to conserve. 

Energy is a critical resource for the Air Force, which is largest energy consumer within the Department of Defense. Therefore, the Air Force focuses on energy security, supply assurance, resiliency and demand reduction. 

These issues are driving the Air Force to invest in new technologies that will allow it to operate less expensively and in a more environmentally-friendly manner. Technological advances will also allow for more effective operation at the strategic level, while preserving energy resources without mission compromise. 

Hill AFB is making strides in meeting Presidential, DOD and Air Force energy goals with renewable energy projects. Here, the methane power production plant generates 2.25 megawatts of electricity and the photo voltaic (solar) array generates another 220,000 watts. 

The focus is on investing in energy-demand-reduction measures such as new construction and major renovation of base infrastructure. A new solar array project is in the works in conjunction with the Solar Ready Vets Program and the Rocky Mountain Power Blue Sky Program. This project is viewed as a win/win because it will generate additional kilowatts of electricity on base, as well as create a learning environment for transitioning veterans to learn numerous skills pertinent to the solar sector including technology, installation, design and maintenance.   

The energy conservation effort goes beyond mechanical. The Department of Energy urges the public to take further steps toward saving energy and developing habits to reduce energy consumption. Everyone in the Air Force, from Airmen to civilians to contractors, plays a key role in achieving Air Force energy goals on base so all personnel should be looking for ways to save energy, water and other resources. Every effort counts–small changes in daily habits lead to substantial savings when multiplied across the Air Force

“We can all make a difference in our daily lives,” said Mark Holt, Energy Manager, Energy Management Office. “Most families want to do the right thing but sometimes it’s just a matter of having a clear understanding of how to make smart energy choices.” 

To get the word out on conservation, the Hill AFB Energy Management Office conducts several awareness activities on base.  

This month, the Energy Management Office teamed with Hill Field Elementary School students to design energy message drawings. Colonel Conserve, the Air Force’s inflatable energy mascot, along with members of the energy team presented awards to the winners. The winning drawings can be viewed at the Base Exchange here. 

A ‘lunch and learn’ event was held to educate base leaders on the Rocky Mountain Power Wattsmart Program, and how the base can earn bill credit incentives of up to 80% of total project costs. 

At an energy fair held at the Base Exchange, local utilities shared several ‘no-cost and low-cost tips’ for protecting the power supply and for preventing water and natural gas waste.  

On a personal level, people understand that developing good habits helps lower their energy bills but oftentimes do not realize how their choices and behaviors impact base energy consumption. Learning about practices that can be incorporated into daily activities–from home to work–can protect the power supply here. We must remain mindful that energy action equals mission success and that our nation expects mission success every day. Please make energy action a part of all you do, each and every day. Thank you for your support of and participation Energy Action Month activities at Hill AFB.

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