Fire Prevention Week ends

As Fire Prevention Week for 2016 came to a close, Hill AFB Fire Department personnel had a lot to reminisce about.

Among many other memorable moments, there was the excitement on the faces of elementary school students as they practiced household evacuation drills. There was a sobering conversation with the retiree in the commissary who talked about his near miss when his smoke detector malfunctioned. There was the reaction from the captain at the Base Exchange who was amazed to learn that three out of five fire deaths occur in homes without properly functioning or no smoke alarms. 

This year’s Fire Prevention Week encompassed seven days and 10 different events, reaching out and directly affecting over 23,000 in the local community and indirectly impacting thousands more, by providing education on fire prevention and fire safety. 

The campaign began with the Fire Prevention Golf Tournament Oct. 6, then went straight into a truck display and education booth at the Hill Base Exchange. All hands were on deck Oct. 12 when every Hill Field Elementary School student was taken through the state’s smoke trailer and on a firetruck tour. On Oct. 13, four Hill Field Elementary School students participated in a firefighter-for-a-day program after being selected as a result of this year’s essay contest. Finally, the week ended with ‘Firehouse’ 6K and 12K runs from Hill AFB Fire Station 1 to Fire Station 2. 

The Hill AFB Fire Department would like to thank everyone who participated in the week’s events for spending the time necessary to help refocus the community on fire prevention and fire safety. Until next year, remember to replace your smoke alarm batteries at least once a year, and “Don’t Wait – Check the Date! Replace smoke detectors every 10 years,” it could save your life.