DoD leads combined federal campaign contributions

Defense Department employees’ contributions are 67 percent higher than the national average in the annual Combined Federal Campaign, Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work said at this year’s campaign kickoff in the Pentagon’s courtyard yesterday.

Nationally, the average CFC contribution is $340 and DoD’s average gift is $540, the deputy secretary said.

“This happens for two reasons,” Work said. “One, because of the incredibly generous spirit of everyone who volunteers for public service, either in the Department of Defense or in the military of our nation; and second, because we have [CFC volunteers] who go out and inspire and incite this spirit to give to their fellow citizens who are in need.”

Volunteers Drive DoD’s CFC Success

The deputy secretary said the CFC volunteers and key workers comprise the engine that drives the successful DoD campaign “by connecting with service members and DoD civilians to ask them to give of themselves to this great campaign.”

He extended his “heartfelt thanks” to all those in DoD who have a role in CFC and those who contribute.

“I want to thank all of you for what you do, and I want to especially thank those who are coming back for the second, third and fourth year,” he said of the CFC workers. “And I want to thank every single man and woman in the Department of Defense — be they civilian or military — for their generous spirit and what they do every single day in defense of our nation.”

A Tough Job

Work said to returning CFC workers, “You know what this is all about, and how hard a job it is.”

“Show Some Love” is CFC’s 2016 theme and DoD’s goal is $9 million in contributions.

“I am absolutely certain we can make it, based on the enthusiasm of those who connect with people and work to make this happen,” Work said.

The CFC “has existed since 1961, when President [John F.] Kennedy started it,” the deputy secretary said. “It’s now the largest [workplace] giving campaign in the United States and DoD leads the way.”

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