Hill AFB, emergency agencies test response

Emergency response personnel from Hill AFB and the Top of Utah came together May 18 to test their ability to jointly respond to a mass casualty in the event of a ‘worst-case scenario.’

The exercise was held in preparation for the “Warriors Over The Wasatch” open house and air show, June 25-26 at Hill AFB.

The exercise revolved around a simulated terrorist incident resulting in 150 casualties in the “crowd.” 

Nearly 30 emergency response agencies, including local hospitals, fire departments, law enforcement and emergency operation centers. Approximately 200 students from the Clearfield Job Corps and 100 volunteers from Hill Air Force Base participated to simulate injured accident victims and crowd members.

Hill AFB held its last open house and air show in June 2014, and it’s estimated nearly 500,000 people attended the two-day event. Event planners anticipate greater participation for this year’s event.

For more information on the air show visit the Warriors Over the Wasatch page at www.hill.af.mil

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