Emerging Supervisor program opens for self-nomination

Emerging Supervisor program opens for self-nomination

HILL AIR FORCE BASE — For employees on base wanting to get into a supervisor position, there are options. However, employees often wait for a supervisor to suggest they might be a good candidate for a supervisor position. Other employees may apply for a supervisor position, and once hired, begin their job, but then have to contend with supervisory training at the same time. 

Both routes can be difficult because employers may be unsure about submitting their name for a supervisor position, or if hired into a new supervisor position, they can be overwhelmed. “When a supervisor first becomes a supervisor, they are inundated with a new workload and training they have to complete,” explains Program Manager Shancee Weitzel. 

There is another option. The Emerging Supervisor Development Program allows employees to get supervisor training before jumping head first into a supervisory position. The fairly new program, heading into its second year, is a whole new way of developing supervisors on base. 

What makes the program unique, ESDP Program Manager Carrie Nash says, is that employees can nominate themselves during the application process. 

“I think the normal avenue of becoming a supervisor may limit the opportunity for our base employees and then that opportunity is missed by a great group,” Nash said. “Instead of a superior going to an employee, saying they should be a leader, this allows the employee to say, ‘I am a leader. I exhibit these qualities.’ A lot of people are too shy to step up to leadership roles, but to have the opportunity to take hold of the initiative themselves is why this program is so big on base right now.”

It’s big because there are only 60 slots available — and last year, the program received over 500 applications. Nash advises anyone who is interested to apply. 

“It is a competitive program, but we are grabbing those with potential and building them up so when they have the opportunity to move into a supervisory role, they are well-established,” Nash said. “There may not be a position for them out there right now, but they can develop themselves now and become a leader, putting them in the driver’s seat for their development.”

Training lasts for 12 months, giving employees the chance to learn about crucial conversations, effective presentations, manager functions, meeting fundamentals, ethics, and core values, then experience job shadowing and actually immersing themselves in a supervisor role. 

One of the major areas the training program focuses on is how to be an influential leader and have crucial conversations. “We want them to learn how to influence people, not just to complete a task, but give them the desire to complete the task,” Nash said. “We also want to teach them the best approach when communicating and get positive outcomes. This training helps them become comfortable in uncomfortable situations.”

Once employees have graduated from the program, they are placed in a mandatory selection pool for three years with the opportunity to apply and qualify for supervisor positions. 

The self-nomination window for applications is March 14-25. Employees are advised to update their resume and ensure their education is updated. During the application window, employees can visit the application website from base computers: https://cs.eis.afmc.af.mil/sites/1289/AFSC_CLSD/ESDP/Hill/default.aspx. 

For more information, call 801-777-9152. Training is set to begin in late August. 

Resumes will be assessed by reviewers across base and at the Air Force Sustainment Center level. Applicants are then given a points rating from their supervisor, combined with their education points, taking applicants with the highest points onto the next level. Applicants enter a training workshop and complete an interview, at which point the selections will occur.

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