AcqDemo transitions on the horizon

HILL AIR FORCE BASE — In June 2016, about 2,700 Hill Air Force Base employees will transition to the Department of Defense Civilian Acquisition Workforce Demonstration Project pay system.

Employees whose positions have been identified for conversion have been notified by email. AcqDemo will cover mainly nonbargaining, supervisory and professional series employees.

Employees who convert into AcqDemo will have no loss of pay. GS employees with accrued time toward their next within-grade or step increase will receive a one-time “WGI buy-in” pay adjustment to compensate them for their time served under the GS pay system.

The buy-in is calculated based on the number of calendar weeks between the effective date of the employee’s last equivalent increase and the date of the conversion into AcqDemo. Employees with acceptable performance ratings are generally eligible for the buy-in. People excepted from the buy-in are employees at 10th step of their grade, those on retained pay, and retainment-graded employees who would not have received a WGI prior to the expiration of their retained grade.

A pay conversion calculator tool is on the AcqDemo website. The website explains the process, provides a demo career path, broadband and estimates WGI buy-in calculation. The tool is not intended to determine official conversion information. Employees will be given their official conversion information with an SF-50 Notification of Personnel Action form at the time of their conversion.

Employees will receive information by email about local and online training opportunities supported by the DoD AcqDemo Program Office. The training is a three hour employee orientation to introduce the reporting tool, Contribution-based Compensation and Appraisal System Software (CAS2NET), which is part of the CCAS system. There will also be an eight-hour supervisor training for the Contribution-based Compensation System.

Online courses can be found at For more information, contact HQ AFMC/A1KA, 937-257-0112 or visit the AcqDemo website at

75th Air Base Wing Public Affairs contributed to this article.

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