Team Hill announces master sergeant promotions

Team Hill announces master sergeant promotions

HILL AIR FORCE BASE — The Air Force announced its promotions results to the rank of master sergeant last week. Several technical sergeants from Team Hill received the good news.

Across the service, the Air Force selected 5,301 technical sergeants out of 23,619 eligible for promotion to master sergeant, Air Force Personnel Center officials said. 

The following technical sergeants were selected for promotion to master sergeant:

75th Air Base Wing:

Melanie Aytch 

Andrew Filcher 

Jason Franklin 

Jennifer Frost 

Jonathan Gandy 

John Gillespie 

Joshua Haberkorn 

Jason Hanisko 

Emily Jones 

Theodore Muto 

Jelani Nixon 

Tjwonna Prince 

Monica Thomas 

Benjamin Vasquez 

John Williamson 

388th Fighter Wing:

Christopher Aguilar 

Scott Allen 

Jeremy Burch 

Kristyn Caputo 

Jimmy Cole 

Marcus Demiel 

Anthony Diamond 

Monique Duverglas 

Graham Fitzpatrick 

Albert Fraelich 

Michelle Gibson 

Jason Herron 

Brandon Hopkins 

Scott Lauritzen 

David Martinez 

Felipe Mendoza 

Nicholas Pelletier 

Jeb Reeder 

Brian Sarafin 

Hector Sierra 

Peter Smith 

Owen Strickland 

Jeffrey Taggart 

Arthur Trachte 

Blaine Tschida 

Maxswell Tubbs 

Randall Watkins

Tonelious Williams

Ogden Air Logistics Complex:

Jacob Fedorka 

Wayne Hulse 

Edward Middleton 

Rick Richmond 

Steven Rollings 

Daniel Trepanier 

367th Training Support Squadron:

Luis Cantu

Mark Churchill

Robert Garner

Matthew Hill

Justin Jacquay

Allen McPherson

Ricardo Rodriguez

368th Recruiting Squadron:

Timothy Aldinger

Aubrey Buhr

Richard Bullard

Teresa Torocaloyeropoulos

729th Air Control Squadron:

Michael Martens

Shane Reid

84th Radar Evaluation Squadron:

Thomas Berezansky

416th Supply Chain Management Squadron:

Kenneth Copeland

Ryan Love

Air Force Life Cycle Management Center:

Tammra Mentele 

Wayne Frost

ICBM Systems Directorate:

Bradley Hinds

This is the first master sergeant promotion cycle to incorporate a two-phase selection process. The two-phase process included a phase I score based on Weighted Airman Promotion System factors (enlisted performance reports, time in grade, time in service, decorations points, promotion fitness examination and skills knowledge test scores). Eligible Airmen whose phase I scores met the cutoff for their control Air Force specialty code were considered for promotion during the phase II central evaluation board.

The Air Force Personnel Center is contacted all eligible technical sergeants, to provide them with information on how to review their individual score notice and board information (if applicable). The “15E7” score notice review instructions is also be available on myPers.

Airmen who were considered for promotion during phase II will see a folder titled “15E7” in their Board folder in the Personnel Record Display Application. In the “15E7” folder is an overview of what the central evaluation board reviewed during the phase II process.

Airmen selected for master sergeant will be promoted in order of promotion sequence number beginning Aug. 1. Selections are tentative until the data verification process is complete, which is normally within 10 days of the promotion release date.

75th Air Base Wing Public Affairs contributed to this article.

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