Motorcycle Rodeo a success, riding courses available

Motorcycle Rodeo a success, riding courses available

The first annual Hill AFB Motorcycle Rodeo was a success. The event was hosted by the Rocky Mountain Green Knights, Chapter 67. The Hill Riders Association was also on hand to provide mentorship opportunities.

There were four motorcycle vendors (Harrison Eurosports, Big Boy Toys, Tucker Speed and Carey’s Cycle), along with numerous food vendors. Also, the Utah Highway Patrol had two members of their motorcycle team at the rodeo to put on riding demonstrations, talk about safety, and discuss the importance of always utilizing proper personal protective equipment. 

The “Beer Goggle” event was entertaining as participants learned the importance of always being clear-minded while riding and never riding while impaired. The “slow drag” contest was a hit as numerous Hill AFB riders showed their ability to ride their motorcycles slower than most people walk.

The Motorcycle Safety Program Management team is already planning a second annual motorcycle rodeo. 

Our MSF training program is now open to scheduling and courses are available. To schedule your course, go to 

The base will be offering an abundance of MSF courses this season to give riders of every level of ability the opportunity to attend the appropriate course for all riders. 

It is extremely important to keep your skills polished, especially at the beginning of the riding season. If you have not attended a refresher course in a while, we recommend attending the one-day Basic RiderCourse 2. 

If you are an avid rider and you feel you already know everything there is about riding, and your skills have reached their peak, we challenge you to attend the Advanced RiderCourse-Sportbike Techniques. 

This course is designed for all types of motorcycles. As an experienced rider, you will appreciate this course. You may surprise yourself and learn some new techniques to make you a better rider.

We are never too old to become lifelong learners.

The 6th Annual See Me, Save Me Campaign Awareness ride is scheduled on June 4. If you have never joined us for this ride, you’re missing out on a good ride for a great cause. This ride is designed to make drivers raise their level of awareness as to the large number of riders who are sharing the road with them. We all want to live to become very old riders, so let’s all pull together and make this the best ride yet. 

Have a great riding season and please ride safe.

For more information, contact the Hill AFB Motorcycle Safety Program manager at .

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