Wearing personal protective equipment is cool!

As days grow longer and it warms up, the children are playing in the neighborhood — riding bikes, skateboarding, or getting about with their motorized scooters.

I remember as a young lad jumping ramps with my dirt bike. Back then (in 1979), we did not wear helmets, or elbow and knee pads. We were wearing short pants, and when we fell, skinning our elbows and knees was a daily occurrence. Mom was always patching us up; I have the scars to prove it.

Back then, I never heard the term “Personal Protective Equipment.” I wish that my parents had and had enforced the standards. I would probably have fewer scars and broken bones.

Today, most people have heard of PPE. And if you live or work on base, you know that you are supposed wear a helmet while riding a bicycle. If you are riding your bicycle before the hours of dawn or after dusk, you must have a light source mounted and selected to the “on” position while riding. 

When skateboarding, it makes sense to wear pads and a helmet. The ground is hard, and there is no fun in having road rash.

This past weekend, I noticed adults and children not taking the time to gear up with the appropriate PPE. Remember, our children are always watching us, so if we are not wearing the PPE, they will take on the same habit.

Let’s show our kids that wearing PPE is cool. It’s that simple!