Here are your Air Force Assistance Fund unit contacts

Here are your Air Force Assistance Fund unit contacts

The 2015 Air Force Assistance Fund campaign is now through April 10. For more information about the campaign, contact your unit representative, 1st Lt. Peter Saunders, at, or Master Sgt. Herman Ray, at

• 75 ABW — Senior Master Sgt. Holly Jensen/ Master Sgt. Joseph Rodriguez,

• 84 RADES — Tech. Sgt. Michael Corum,

• OO-ALC — Staff Sgt. Alan Tanner/Staff Sgt. Ali Farran,

• 372 RCG — Staff Sgt. Cheryl Harding/Staff Sgt. Meghan Erwin,

• 388 FW — 1st Lt. Ryan La Rance/MSgt Kenneth Bernard,

• AFGLSC — 2d Lt. Robert Larsen,

• AFLCMC/EBH (Munitions) — 1st Lt. Keenan Smith,

• AFTC — Staff Sgt. Justin Garstka,

• AFLCMC/HBZ (Space and C3I) & AFLCMC/WLD (MAPA) — Maj. Stephen Lance,

• AFLCMC/WWA (A-10) — Tech. Sgt. Steven Varner,

• AFLCMC/WWM (F-16) — 1st Lt. Marcus Catchpole/1st Lt. Rhett Walker,

• AFLCMC/WWU (F-22) — Tech. Sgt. Justin Daywalt/1st Lt. Evan Washington,

• AFNWC — Tech. Sgt. Maria Resendez/Capt Kregg Smith,

• GSUs (AFROTC Dets; Det 3/ACC; 86 FWS/Det 3; RAO; Det 3/372 TRS) — 2nd Lt. Luke Dorlac/2nd Lt. Michael Leveille,

• OL-H PA — Staff Sgt. Zachary Vaughn/Staff Sgt. Evan Mills,

• OL-H PK/PZ — 1st Lt. John Ford,

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