2015 Total-Force Climate Survey begins this month

2015 Total-Force Climate Survey begins this month

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-RANDOLPH, Texas — Total-force Airmen will have an opportunity to express their opinions to Air Force leadership during the 2015 Total Force Climate Survey, slated for March 13-April 27.

“The purpose of the survey is to assess the opinions and perceptions of Air Force active-duty, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve and civilian personnel on a wide range of issues including job satisfaction, available resources and unit performance,” said Brenda Gainey, the acting Air Force Survey Office chief.

“As with past surveys, unit leaders will have access to their units’ results to enable them to improve their organization and their organization’s ability to accomplish the mission,” she said. “Every Airman’s input is very important to the process. Leaders need honest feedback from the Air Force’s most valuable resource — Airmen.”

Since 1999, the Total Force Climate Survey has evolved with the goal of reducing how long it takes to complete the survey while optimizing the amount of information collected. The survey includes the opportunity to comment on how to improve the unit, and the recognition and resources sections have been expanded.

The survey office will send individual email invitations in stages beginning March 13. Aggregated reports by Personnel Accounting Symbol Code will be available to commanders whose units have at least 10 respondents. For units with fewer than 10 participants, responses will be included in the parent unit’s report. Results are expected to be available after June, and leaders will be encouraged to brief results to their organization within 30 days.

“Your feedback will directly impact leaders’ decisions on issues that affect the total force,” Gainey said. “That’s why it’s critical that all Airmen take time to complete the survey.”

For more information about the survey and to view the results of the previous survey, go to the Air Force Portal at www.my.af.mil, enter “Air Force Survey Office” in the search window, select the survey office link and click on the “Total Force Climate Survey” link in the lefthand column.

For more information about Air Force personnel programs, go to myPers. Individuals who do not have a myPers account can request one at www.retirees.af.mil/shared/media/document/AFD-120510-068.pdf.

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