Operating status changes

Operating status changes

In the event of delays or closures due to inclement weather or other emergencies, information about Hill AFB’s operating status will be released when the status changes from “Open.”

The 75th Air Base Wing Public Affairs primary method of communicating these changes will be the Hill AFB Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/hill.af.mil) and Twitter profile (www.twiter.com/HAFB). The Hill AFB Facebook feed is also available on Hill’s public website www.hill.af.mil . The Team Hill community is highly encouraged to check these sources first.

Information will also be available on the Straight Talk line (801-777-9696) for those without Internet access. Updated information will also be shared with the following media outlets:  

• KUTV Channel 2


• KTVX Channel 4


• KSL Channel 5


• KSTU Channel 13


The installation commander is the approval authority for base operating procedures in the event of inclement weather. Military members and civilians with questions on base operating procedures, or their personal reporting status, should speak with their supervisor or unit commander.

Depending on the circumstances of the winter weather activity, the installation commander may authorize the following: 


Unit commanders and supervisors will release personnel who are designated “non-weather emergency essential” according to the guidelines of the early release notification. All released personnel will need to pick up their children from the Child Development Centers and Youth Center. Commanders are encouraged to stagger their release to avoid congestion while exiting the base. 


The purpose for delayed reporting during hazardous weather conditions is to allow base personnel additional time for safe travel to the base. Delayed reporting applies to military and civilian personnel. Leave may not be charged.  

There will be instances in which there will be delayed reporting, normally up to two hours, to give employees time to report to work. There will also be instances of delayed reporting with a specific time to report, designed to allow the base time to recover and clean up any snow or other inclement weather incidents. When a specific time is given to report, please do not report earlier than that time. During these situations, certain gates may be affected, so please pay attention to the announcement and plan your arrival accordingly. Work with your supervisor or work center for any other specific reporting requirements. 


“Mission essential personnel” are expected to report for work on time. Employees must always inform their supervisors if they plan to take annual leave or LWOP, and their absence must be approved by their supervisor. If an employee fails to report for work and has not informed the supervisor of his or her plans to take leave, the organization may charge the employee absence without leave and the employee could be subjected to administrative action.


When the base is closed, personnel identified by their commanders as mission essential are to report for duty. Military members not required to report will be placed on telephone standby until further notice. Civilian personnel not required to report will be placed on administrative leave as granted by the installation commander. Only those children of designated mission essential personnel are allowed to be dropped off at the CDCs and Youth Center. During these times, all other base activities are canceled.  


Hill Field Elementary is in the Davis School District (www.davis.k12.ut.us). If Davis schools are closed, Hill Field Elementary is also closed, even if the base is open. If the base is closed but Davis schools are open, then Hill Field Elementary is also open.

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