Milestones in Falcon Hill Project

HILL AIR FORCE BASE — It’s out with the old and in with the new at Hill AFB Dec. 1 as officials cut the ribbon on a new Falcon Hill office building and begin demolition of a World War II-era building.

Both are results of the ongoing Enhanced Use Lease Program at Hill AFB, one of the largest projects in the DOD.

The Falcon Hill National Aerospace Research Park developer, Sunset Ridge Development Partners, recently completed construction of a 75,000 square foot office building for Hill’s military, civilians and contractors.

Demolition will also begin Dec. 1 on Building 1219, the old 75th Security Forces Squadron headquarters building. The unit has already relocated into a new building, also constructed as part of the EUL program.

“The program is a win-win for everyone. It’s been really well received,” said David Williamsen, Chief of the EUL Program Office at Hill. “It allows the Air Force to cut facility maintenance costs and improve the quality of life for our workforce.”

The Air Force is working to sign a lease that would allow the administrative staff assigned to the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center’s Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Systems Directorate will occupy one floor of the new building, while defense contractors are in negotiations with the developer to occupy the other two floors. This “condominium concept” of leasing is also a first in DOD.

“We’re excited to be the first government organization to move into the new facility and to follow through on the original vision to create a more efficient, collaborative environment located right next to our contractor-employed teammates,” said Richard Fuit, deputy director, ICBM Systems Directorate. “Our goal is to demonstrate the benefits this project provides for the Air Force, Utah and our local community. Hopefully, this can become a model for other DOD bases to follow.” 

The EUL program is the first of its kind to be entirely market driven, Williamsen said. There are more than 100 potential projects in the works both inside and immediately outside Hill AFB gates. This is the third building and fourth major construction project completed by Sunset Ridge as part of the EUL project, which will bring additional jobs and revitalized infrastructure to Hill AFB including new buildings, roads and utilities.

The first, an ICBM Prime Integration office building just inside the West Gate was completed in March 2012; the second was a new 35,000 square-foot building for the 75th Security Forces Squadron in January 2012; and the third was the construction of a new West Gate, which was completed in April 2012 and moved the gate east to improve traffic safety on Interstate 15, as well as accommodated plans for additional Falcon Hill construction outside the gates.

The developer is in the process of constructing a new commercial retail facility outside the West Gate to support Falcon Hill and Hill AFB.

“The retail area is over 10,000 square feet of building space for four retail establishments that will include restaurants,” Williamsen said.

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