Wishing you a safe and healthy holiday!

Wishing you a safe and healthy holiday!

In the Merriam-Webster Dictionary the word holiday is defined as a special day of celebration. For many of us, November and December are full of not just one or two special celebrations, but several of them.

This season, while enjoying the company of others, take steps to make your holiday a happy one. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention share some ways to be safe and healthy throughout the holiday.

Wash your hands often. Being in close quarters with others can lead to sharing more than stories. Wash your hands with soap and water often. Try to avoid touching your face, especially your eyes, nose and mouth 

Keep warm. Dress in layers and try to stay dry. Going on a car trip in stormy weather? It’s recommended you have more than a half a tank of gas when driving. Also, bring blankets along for the ride.

Manage stress. Holiday shopping can cause stress in even the most docile person. Make a budget and stick to it. Balance parties, home and work. Get enough sleep. Research has shown that sleep helps rid the body of the stress hormone cortisol. 

Travel safely. Wear your seatbelt. If you’re drinking, plan ahead of time for a designated driver or a safe way to get home. 

Prevent injuries. Having to take time out to find shelter or to visit the hospital can be a holiday mood killer. Take the extra few minutes to check your smoke detectors, grab a ladder and move extension cords to an area without traffic.

• According to the National Fire Protection Association approximately 30 percent of all home fires occur from December through February. Christmas tree and decoration related fires are reported to be more damaging than other fires.

• Hospital emergency rooms treat on average 5,800 individuals for injuries resulting from falls while hanging decorations.

• An additional 4,000 people are treated for injuries associated with extension cords.

Handle and prepare food safely. Keep those you love safe from food poisoning when preparing meals.

• Wash your hands and cooking surfaces often.

• Separate raw meats from other foods.

• Cook food to the right temperature.

• Refrigerate food within two hours of cooking. 

Eat healthy and stay active. Keep the sweets and treats in check by exercising often and including many vegetables and fruits in your diet.

The Hill AFB Civilian Health Promotion Services can provide you additional tips on how to make you holiday healthy. For more information, call CHPS at 801-586-9586.

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