Facilities get boost in budget closeout

Facilities get boost in budget closeout

TINKER AIR FORCE BASE – Okla. — The Air Force Sustainment Center’s facilities in Utah, Georgia and Oklahoma will be getting repairs and improvements this year after the recent closeout of 2014 fiscal year budget.

“We have many Facility Sustainment Restoration and Modernization (FSRM) projects across all three of our locations,” said Leslie Carlson, chief of AFSC’s Financial Analysis Division.

“For our quality of life programs, we purchased lighting for our dormitory parking lots, a fire station exhaust system, and washers and dryers for our dormitories.

“The facility projects were a big help, because for fiscal 2015 the FSRM funding has been cut significantly; nearly 48 percent” she added. “So any funding we were able to get for FSRM was very helpful to cushion the blow early on this year.”

The facility spending includes funding for upcoming projects ranging from taxiway repairs to building demolitions.

The 2014 fiscal year ended on Sept. 30, while fiscal 2015 began Oct. 1. The AFSC’s 2014 budget, not including workforce payroll, was $211.3 million, Carlson said.

The Air Force and other military branches got a significant reprieve in fiscal 2014 from mandated Budget Control Act cuts known as sequestration, although it was still a lean budget year.

“We’re constrained on many fronts,” Carlson said. “With all our air base wings, particularly Tinker, because they are so heavily contracted out, the contracting services limitation is always of concern to us.”

Overall, however, fiscal 2014 turned out well, Carlson said.

“It was a challenging year, but with the processes that we put in place and the outstanding contract and finance teams we came through very successfully,” she said.

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