Third party collections help fund clinic

Third party collections help fund clinic

HILL AIR FORCE BASE – The 75th Medical Group Clinic needs our patients’ help.

Under the Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1986, all military medical treatment facilities are mandated to bill health insurance carriers for the cost of medical care provided to active duty family members, retirees and family members who are covered by other health insurance. The 75th Medical Group Clinic must comply with this law and needs your help for continued program success.

As a patient of the 75th Medical Group, you will be asked if you have other health insurance at every point of service within the facility when you are receiving care. If you are covered by other health insurance or if you have a Medicare supplement, we will need to collect your insurance information.

This program has a significant impact on our everyday operations here at the 75th MDG. For instance, In fiscal year 2010, $2.8 million was collected. This accounted for roughly 10 percent of the 75th MDG operations and maintenance budget. This significant sum was used to fund medical staff contracts, medical supplies, nonmedical supplies, staff training and patient travel. It’s important to note that all funds collected under this program go directly back into the facility to benefit you – the patient – where you receive care. Our ultimate goal is to provide enhanced health care services for you and your family. 

The 75th MDG is no different than any other civilian health care provider, who needs insurance information at each clinic visit. Collecting this information is generally a very simple process. To document the benefits covered by your other health insurance, we will make a copy of the information that appears on your other health insurance identification card from your insurance provider. Please ensure you have this card with you when you visit the 75th MDG Clinic. If you are a dependent of an active duty member, retiree or family member of a retiree, you will be asked to fill out a DD Form 2569, record of other health insurance, regardless of whether you have other health insurance. This form is scanned, updated and maintained in an electronic system for all individuals who seek care in our facility. 

The obligation to pay medical care costs applies only to the insurance carrier. Your insurance company will pay benefits directly to the 75th MDG and you will not be billed or responsible for any uncollected charges. The benefits for the patient include no co-pay, deductible or any patient responsibility charges indicated in the Explanation of Benefits received from the insurance company. This means you may pay less out-of-pocket expense when later seeking health care through a civilian provider.

We appreciate your assistance in helping the 75th MDG Clinic keep up with these requirements and creating a healthcare environment we can all be proud of.

For further assistance with the Third Party Collections Program, please stop by the Third Party Collections office located on the first floor near the pharmacy or call our TPC representatives at 801-586-9847 or 801-777-6422.

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