Developmental opportunities available for Airmen

Developmental opportunities available for Airmen

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-RANDOLPH, Texas — Active-duty Airmen interested in unique developmental opportunities may be eligible for the Olmsted Scholar, White House Fellows, and Mansfield Fellowship Exchange programs.

The programs offer unique developmental experience for Air Force leaders, according to Tech. Sgt. Jason Franklin, the Air Force Personnel Center officer developmental education. Applicants for all programs must be released by their AFPC career field team before submitting applications.

Olmsted Scholar Program

The Olmsted Scholar Program is an opportunity for Air Force line officers to study in a foreign language at a university overseas. Candidates selected for the program will experience cultural immersion in the selected country, including university study in the native language. Applicants must be line officers with at least three years of commissioned service, but no more than 11 years of total active service by April 1, 2015. Applicants must be released by their career field managers and meet minimum academic and language requirements, as well.

Application packages are due to AFPC by Aug. 15. For more information about the program, go to the George and Carol Olmsted Foundation website.

White House Fellows Program

The White House Fellows Program provides promising leaders with firsthand experience in the U.S. government process. Selected candidates work for a year as special assistants or senior executives to cabinet-level agencies or in the executive office.

A nonpartisan program, participants experience the process of governing the nation, working with high-level public servants and participating in roundtable discussions with notable private sector and public leaders. Selectees must be available for reassignment and be released by their AFPC assignment officer prior to applying. Nomination packages are due by Aug. 15 for the 2015-2016 program.

Mansfield Fellowship Exchange Program

Airmen interested in cultural immersion in Japan can look into the Mansfield Fellowship Exchange Program. Named after former U.S. Ambassador Mike Mansfield, the program enables federal employees to develop in-depth understanding of Japan and its government and to develop relationships with their Japanese counterparts. Program participants will have a seven-week home-stay and intensive Japanese language program in the Ishikawa Prefecture, followed by a 10-month placement in Tokyo. Mansfield fellowship opportunities are also open to officers and enlisted members who meet program criteria. Nomination memos are due to AFPC by Aug. 15.

For complete eligibility requirements and application instructions on any of the programs, go to myPers at Select “Officer” under the Active AF drop down menu, select “Force Development” under Learn More About, and then select “Developmental Education and Special Programs.” Scroll down to the “Special Programs” section.

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