DoD’s annual housing satisfaction survey set to begin this month

DoD’s annual housing satisfaction survey set to begin this month

The Department of Defense is inviting its housing residents to participate in the department’s annual housing satisfaction survey, which is scheduled to launch in December.

Each year, DOD, working through the military departments, surveys current residents of government-owned, government-leased, or privatized family housing and current residents of privatized unaccompanied housing. The goal is to obtain feedback regarding their living experience.

Boyer Housing residents are encouraged to share their views about their current housing, resident services and community amenities through the voluntary survey. Paula Mize, Military Housing Office flight chief, said that feedback is important to help the department improve the quality of housing and customer care available to residents.

“It’s important to get as many surveys back from our residents so we know what’s on their minds,” Mize said. “Not only does it help the Department of Defense, but will help Boyer Hill Military Housing in meeting current needs as well as budgeting for future projects.”

A link to the survey* will be sent via email to each household by one of the two third-party consulting firms administering the feedback collection, tabulation and analysis on the department’s behalf. Only one person per address will receive the invitation email. All respondent information will be kept confidential. It will not be linked to the overall feedback results shared with DOD or the results that DOD shares with privatized housing companies or other stakeholders.

The survey results will help inform plans for near-term and future improvements to housing, resident services and community amenities. W. Jordan Gillis, assistant secretary of defense for sustainment and the Defense Department’s chief housing officer, emphasized the importance of getting the perspectives of service members and families so the department can provide them with a better quality of life through improved housing and community services.

The Air Force will announce the specific date in December when its survey will launch, and each survey will remain open for responses for at least 45 days. Residents of Hill’s government-owned, government-leased or privatized housing should contact the military housing office at 777-0735 or 777-0709 if they have questions or need technical support, or if their household does not receive an email containing a survey link by Dec. 18.

Survey results will be kept confidential and only the survey company will have access to individual survey responses. The results will be provided to the Air Force without information that would tie responses or comments to a particular house or resident.

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