Satellite Pharmacy to resume indoor service Nov. 2

Satellite Pharmacy to resume indoor service Nov. 2

HILL AIR FORCE BASE — In the 75th Medical Group’s continuing commitment to effectively and efficiently serve its beneficiaries, several changes have been made in regard to the Base Pharmacy.

Maj. Adam Cooper, pharmacy flight commander, said the pharmacy’s priority remains the safety and well-being of its patients.

“The pharmacy has undergone numerous changes in our effort to continue providing services during these challenging times,” said Maj. Adam Cooper, pharmacy flight commander. “While change is not always the easiest thing, the intent of the changes has always been for the benefit of our patients.”

Beginning Nov. 2, the Satellite Pharmacy windows will reopen, while the Curbside Pharmacy will close. To ensure speed of service and to allow for social distancing while maximizing the limited spacing in the Base Exchange, the following measures will be implemented:

1. All 7 windows will be dedicated to pickups only. A drop box in the BX near the pharmacy is available to drop off prescriptions and prescriptions will be ready for pickup in 24 hours. A pharmacy staff member will be posted in the lobby to assist and answer questions. Those requiring same-day service for prescriptions should speak with a pharmacy staff member. Requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

2. Activating new prescriptions must be done by phone, or by filling out an activation slip located at the Satellite Pharmacy and dropped into the drop box. Placing a hardcopy prescription in the drop box will not require an additional step for activation. All activated prescriptions will be ready after 24 hours, and no earlier than 10 a.m. Activating prescriptions by phone may be done by calling 801-777-0418. Any prescription being sent from a doctor’s office is considered a new prescription and requires activation.

3. All non-refrigerated single prescription refill requests will be dispensed from one of the two ScriptCenter machines, both located in the BX. The specific ScriptCenter in which a prescription is stored will be determined alphabetically by last name. Signage on the ScriptCenters offers further instruction. Refill orders containing only a single prescription will automatically be placed in the ScriptCenter. Patients with more than one prescription may continue picking up prescriptions from the ScriptCenter by choosing the ScriptCenter pick up option in AudioCare. New medication prescriptions will also be given the option to pick-up using the ScriptCenter. An online tutorial for how to use the ScriptCenter can be found at

Other changes coming soon include drive-thru drop boxes for hardcopy prescriptions and an auto-notify system, which will begin calling or texting once a prescription is ready for pickup. This notification system is expected to be in place in October.

Although feedback on the Curbside Pharmacy was positive, Cooper said the service is a significantly less efficient method of providing pharmacy service compared to providing that same service inside the BX. Considering substantial stretches of adverse weather in the winter months and multiple near accidents between automobiles and staff, the decision was made to close it.

“All of our changes are significant and necessary to ensure the safety of our patients and staff,” Cooper said. “We’re here for our patients, and we’re excited for the opportunity to continue to serve them during these unprecedented times.”

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