“What changed?” fire extinguisher campaign

“What changed?” fire extinguisher campaign

HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah — “What changed?” This is the most common question Fire & Emergency Services (F&ES) firefighters have fielded since 2017 when we began removing fire extinguishers from approved facilities at Hill Air Force Base.

In October 2016, Unified Facilities Criteria 3-600-1 was released and removed requirements for facility fire extinguishers in new and existing buildings where specific hazards requiring them did not exist.

The Air Force Civil Engineer Center later issued guidance removing requirements for facility fire extinguishers in all facilities protected by a functional fire suppression and notification systems.

The majority of buildings on Hill AFB have fire suppression and notification systems, and are reliable at controlling a fire and allowing occupants to evacuate the building.

For these reasons, Hill F&ES began removing redundant fire extinguishers.

In order to educate the base, Hill F&ES authored the “What Changed?” campaign for all personnel assigned to Hill AFB and have been providing briefings to units across the installation.

We also created a video to answer the important question, “What Changed?”

In addition, Hill F&ES created an official Facebook page to be more accessible to the Hill AFB community. We encourage you to follow us @HillFD.

We welcome any questions, comments and reviews that you would like to share within the community. You are our customers and we look forward to serving you in a more inclusive and transparent way.

For more information or to schedule a briefing, call Hill F&ES at 801-775-3229.

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