Congratulations to ALS graduation class 19-D

Congratulations to ALS graduation class 19-D

HILL AIR FORCE BASE Utah — Thirty-five future supervisors completed the first step of enlisted professional military education during a graduation ceremony May 9 at The Landing.

The Airman Leadership School graduates attended the 24-day/192-hour course focusing on developing leadership abilities, the profession of arms, and building effective communication.

The graduates:

Air Force Test Center

  • Senior Airman Taner Armour
  • Senior Airman Ty Murray

84th Radar Evaluation Squadron

  • Senior Airman Thomas Douglas

75th Air Base Wing

  • Senior Airman Hannah Silveira (Academic Achievement/Distinguished Graduate Award Winner)
  • Staff Sgt. Brayden Wall
  • Senior Airman Johnathan Wallace

75th Comptroller Squadron

  • Senior Airman Jasmine Riera

75th Medical Operations Squadron

  • Senior Airman Emily Gonzalez

75th Operations Support Squadron

  • Staff Sgt. Charles Henderson (Distinguished Graduate Award Winner)

75th Security Forces Squadron

  • Senior Airman Nicholas Dillon
  • Senior Airman Kyle Lockhart
  • Senior Airman Manuel Smith

151st Force Support Squadron

  • Senior Airman Bryce Hafen

151st Maintenance Squadron

  • Senior Airman Mark Gallacher

367th Training Support Squadron

  • Senior Airman Klement Monroe

388th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

  • Senior Airman Shaka Battle
  • Staff Sgt. Tanner Briton
  • Senior Airman Isaiah Herzog
  • Senior Airman Joseph Owens
  • Senior Airman Carlos Padilla

388th Maintenance Group

  • Senior Airman Javonte Camphor

388th Maintenance Squadron

  • Senior Airman Bienvenido Flores
  • Senior Airman Jose Lozada
  • Senior Airman Joseph Spoerl
  • Senior Airman Christopher Whitehead

419th Security Forces Squadron

  • Senior Airman Timothy McCarthy

419th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

  • Senior Airman Alex Duersch

581st Missile Maintenance Squadron

  • Senior Airman Zacharye Hougen

649th Munitions Squadron

  • Senior Airman Stacy Parker (Sharp Image Award winner)
  • Senior Airman Terrance Wilburn (John L. Levitow Award Winner)

729th Air Control Squadron

  • Senior Airman Oscar Carlin (Commandant Leadership/Distinguished Graduate Award Winner)
  • Staff Sgt. William Ellerman

775th Civil Engineer Squardon

  • Senior Airman Marshae Duke
  • Senior Airman Cole Edwards

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