Ogden ALC lights the L-A-M-P

Ogden ALC lights the L-A-M-P

HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah — With a workforce more than 8,650 strong, the Ogden Air Logistics complex consists of seven groups, organized into 29 squadrons, and are located at bases in 10 states, along with a squadron at Kadena Air Base, Japan.

With that kind of employee diversity, the complex has embarked on a mission to recognize all the outstanding accomplishments that happen by its hard working team members. A new type of recognition was established to honor the men and women that work so hard each and every day to accomplish the mission, no matter what obstacles they may face. It’s called the Logistics Airmen Mastering Possibilities, or L-A-M-P, Award, and it comes with a rolling trophy to recognize the most outstanding unit to be presented each month by the complex commander or vice director.

Standing nearly four feet tall and designed to be placed in a prominent location for maximum visibility, the first organization to receive the award is the 571st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron.

The squadron is responsible for front-line modifications, depot maintenance and delivers critical structural upgrades on the much used and appreciated A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft.

Most notable of their accomplishments include identifying constraints associated with parts and over and above work that put work production schedules in jeopardy.

They also worked with the A-10 program office to reflow production and planning for FY19 and FY20 that allows the squadron to follow Art of the Possible foundations to maintain the proper amount of work in process.

During the trophy presentation, Maj. Gen. Stacey Hawkins, Ogden ALC commander, praised the squadron for their efficiency and hard work.

“It’s mastering possibilities, it’s mastering the Art of the Possible, it’s being able to work together as a team and look each other eye to eye to say, let’s honestly put forth what we can actually do with the long range going forward, being always in our sight,” the general said. “There are very few teams that are able to do that, as effectively and as quickly as you did in the first part of FY19, and it is why you are an example to many, many other teams across the Complex and why this award is so deserved by you, as a team.”

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