Science, engineering, and technical management awards announced

Science, engineering, and technical management awards announced

HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah — The winners of the 2018 annual Team Hill science, engineering, and technical management awards have been announced.

“Science, technology, engineering, and math, influences everything we do,” said Jim Vanfleet, chief of resource management for the Air Force Sustainment Center Engineering Directorate Operating Location-Hill. “Examples of this influence can be seen by streaming music on a smart phones, warming up leftovers for lunch, or safely navigating busy intersections.

“These examples cause all of us to appreciate the amazing people in STEM career fields,” continued Vanfleet. “This is true in the defense of our country, because STEM drives technology and innovations.”

The Air Force recruits and fills many STEM-oriented career fields and maintains a strong technical capability in support of weapons systems. Each year, Hill AFB recognizes individuals and teams who have excelled in STEM responsibilities supporting the nation’s warfighters and improving the tools and systems they use.

Award winners:

309th Missile Maintenance Group

Sean Wilson, Mid-Career Civilian Scientist/Engineer; and David Lancaster, Senior Civilian Scientist/Engineer.

309th Electronics Maintenance Group

Justin Shafer, Junior Civilian Scientist/Engineer; Bill Lee, Mid-Career Civilian Scientist/Engineer; Bill Lee; Neal Jackson, Senior Civilian Scientist/Engineer; Wayne Patterson, Critical Engineering Position; Ed Hudson, Engineering Technician; Andy Kocs, Career Achievement; Greg Noriega, Support; Geof Galbraith, General James Ferguson Engineering; Trevor Johnson, Captain Roland R. Oberland Memorial; Forrest Brown, Outstanding Science and Engineering Educator; 524th Electronic Maintenance Squadron Engineering (Michael Clark, Dallin Jackson, William Lee, Keoki Fukuda, Carson Esplin, and Justin Shafer), Technical Management Team; and 523rd Electronic Maintenance Squadron Engineering (John Devey and Dean Boren), General Bernard P. Randolph Engineering Team.

309th Maintenance Support Group

Cody Hone, Mid-Career Civilian Scientist/Engineer; Kash Morley, Engineering Technician; Brent Gray, Technical Management; Tearl Stice, Support Award; and 809th Maintenance Support Squadron’s Chemistry Flight (James Larsen, Erica Berry, Michael McMillen, Rhodora Niel, Skylar Peterson, Mitchel Smolcha, John Stevenson, April Walker, and Kaitlin Westergard), Outstanding Scientist Team.

309th Software Maintenance Group

Kevin Bartholomew, Junior Civilian Scientist/Engineer; Laremy Rowe, Mid-Career Civilian Scientist/Engineer; Joselito Bautista ,Senior Civilian Scientist/Engineer; Wonyoung Martinez, Technical Management; Jan Cooper, Engineering Technician Award; Kevin Beenfield, Career Achievement; Andrew Wariner, Support; Jason Foust, General James Ferguson Engineering; Heather Giacalone, General Lester L. Lyles; Timothy Julian, Outstanding Science and Engineering Educator; David Webb, Harold Brown; Software Organizational Development Office (Ryan Yoshida, Jesse Farb, Daniel Hillstead, Michael Gapas, Richard Haws, Mark Erickson, Bryan Wheeler, Casaundra Unguren, Corbin Bell, Ashlee Ward, Heather Giacalone, Sarah Nelson, and Kasey Thompson), STEM Outreach Team; Avionics Intermediate Shop Team (Amin Khan, Lee Brown, Branden Connelly, Jeff Garrett, Merlyn Hall, Greg Harms, Curtis Larson, Jarred McCarty, Nicholas Pham, Brian Richardson, Todd Tokita, Robert Tolman, David BeDell, Jeff De Vries, Terrance Dooley, David Eppens, Dan Evans, Mike Gompert, Scott Hastings, Robert Hickman, Kent Jacobson, Jhan Jensen, Jay Mower, Glen Wallace, Jill Oliver, and Carrie Oliver), Technical Management Team Award; Agile Engineering Team (David Webb, Andrew Adams, Donald Green, Timothy Julian, Eugene Miluk, Shannon Rock, Tracy Mullen, Joseph Krause, David Goodwin, John Rimington, Robert Bruderer, Brent VanDerMeide, Scott Vigil, Jason Foust, Peggy Milos, Andrew Williams, Thomas Manolis, Kim Phan, and Todd Poulson,,General Bernard P. Randolph Engineering; and Mission Flight Command Center Team, Vandenberg AFB, Calif. (Robin Stuart, Mike Casarez, Jay Corrales, Kimm DeLauer, Liz Fisher, Angie James, Katie King, Mike McNamara, John Perry and Marc Perry), Outstanding Scientist Team Award.

748th Supply Chain Management Group

Capt. Micah Hignight, Junior Military Scientist/Engineer; Nathan Rieske, Junior Civilian Scientist/Engineer; Juan Martinez, Mid-Career Civilian Scientist/Engineer; Val Klemm, Senior Civilian Scientist/Engineer; Neal Boehmer, Critical Engineering Position; Michael Blommer, Technical Management; Ronald Montgomery, Career Achievement; Tosh Farr, General James Ferguson Engineering; Capt. Torin Quick, Captain Roland R. Obenland Engineering; Michael Schow, Engineering Achievement; Bobby Yen, Dr. Paul G. Kaminski Most Promising Systems Engineer of the Year; Megan Jensen, STEM Outreach Champion; 414th Supply Chain Management Squadron Continuous Improvement Team (Michael Parkin, Benjamin Harris, Kyle Jeppson, Neil Kennedy, and Dustin Whittaker), 748th Supply Chain Management Group General Bernard P. Randolph Engineering Team; and 748th SCMG Engineering Hiring Team (Dan Christenson, Ryan Josephson, Col. Paul Smith, Pamela Lee, Kyann Betz, Lynn Thomas, Thomas Fronberg, Rebecca Senkel, Bryson Kent, Ronald Montgomery, Chad Hogan, Brad Martin, Louis Hogge, Ronald Prescaro, Timothy Lucas, Neal Boehmer, Spencer Terry, Thomas Lamb, Clarence Holmes, Karianne East, Kathryn Stokes, Christy Bezzant, Pamela Patterson, and James Vanfleet), General Lester L. Lyles Team.

Air Force Life Cycle Management Center

Aerospace Enabler Division

Vance Bowman, Junior Civilian Scientist/Engineer; Eric Widdison, Mid-Career Civilian Scientist/Engineer; Dan Donahoe, Senior Civilian Scientist/Engineer; Lynn Silver, Chief Engineer;Jason Reininger, Technical Management; Roy Tanner, Engineering Technician; David Lindquist, Career Achievement; Capt. Oba Vincent, Reservist/Individual Mobilization Augmentee; Michael Tolman, Technical Leadership; and Maj. Klayton Bobsein, Mentor.

A-10 Division

Capt. Sergio Martinez, Junior Military Scientist/Engineer; Maj. Caleb Murphy, Mid-Career Military Scientist/Engineer; David Slater, Junior Civilian Scientist/Engineer; Brent Dermody, Mid-Career Civilian Scientist/Engineer; Tim Gilivary, Senior Civilian Scientist/Engineer; Justin Simmons, Technical Management; Kaylon Anderson, Jorge Gonzales Analyst; Mark Thomsen, General Lester L. Lyles Mentor; and NLign Team (Hazen Sedgwick, Kaylon Anderson, Christopher McLaughlin, Heidi Reid, and Victoria Hair), A-10 Division General Bernard P. Randolph Engineering Team.

F-22 Division

Courtney Quinn, Outstanding Junior Civilian Engineer.

Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center

2nd Lt. Bryce Hagar, Junior Military Scientist/Engineer; Colin Loose, Junior Civilian Scientist/Engineer; Tony Jarry, Mid-Career Civilian Scientist/Engineer; Johnny Westoby, Technical Management; Thomas Hermann (F.E. Warren AFB, Wyo.), Engineering Technician; Ronald Peterson, Career Achievement; Blake Davis, Support; Kamala Parker, General James Ferguson Engineering; 2nd Lt. Jourdan Harris, Captain Roland R. Obenland Engineering Memorial; and GT 225GM Launch Analysis Group Team (Lt. Col. Stephen Bonin, Kay Prescaro, Jeff Bean, Steven Glaittli, Karl Pernich, Russell Evans, Chris Gerhardt, Cristina Pollock, Lt. Col. Kelly Rakes, Thomas Budde, Jereld Rogers, Mark Zelinka, Capt. Elias Corcho, Maj. Denise Michaels, Richard Jeffs, Phil Hochheiser, Keith Anderson, John Kimmel, Robert Cate, Arnold Gaunt, Brad Wichtoski, Christian Durand, Bruce Nelson, Robert Pultz, Eric Baird, Robert White, and Bruce Kliewer), Nuclear Weapons Center Technical Management Team.

Air Force Sustainment Center Engineering Directorate OL-Hill

Maj. Justin Puckett (75th Operations Support Squadron), Military STEM Volunteer of Year; and Sara Lundskog (309th Commodities Maintenance Group), Civilian STEM Volunteer of the Year.

Director’s Choice

Sean Wilson, 309th Missile Maintenance Group; Preston Cox, 309th Aircraft Maintenance Group; Mike Clark, 309th Electronic Maintenance Group; Cody Breckenridge, 309th Maintenance Support Group; Scott Vigil, 309th Software Maintenance Group; Erica Chacon, 748th Supply Chain Management Group; Britton Hayden, AFLCMC/HBZ; Michael Quinn, AFLCMC A-10 Division; Kim Jones, AFLCMC F-16 Division; Dave Nielson, AFLCMC F-22 Division; Hayden Christensen, AFNWC; and Dave Berg and Mary Kerr, AFSC Engineering Directorate OL-Hill.

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