November speakers for museum’s ‘Plane Talk’ series

November speakers for museum’s ‘Plane Talk’ series


The Hill Aerospace Museum hosts a “Plane Talk” speaker series Saturdays at 1 p.m. in the museum auditorium.

Each week, guest speakers feature topics related to the heritage of Hill AFB, the U.S. Air Force, other military branches, and many other subjects related aerospace and the defense industry. The speaker series is open to the public and admission is free.

Featured speakers in


Nov. 10 – Dan Isbell

Dan A. “Tanna” Isbell spent over 26 years active duty in the USAF. He was a “Top Gun” and instructor fighter pilot, instructor experimental test pilot and he also taught at the USAF Test Pilot School. He was later the Director of F-16 Flight Test at the F-16 System Program Office. He was then commander of the 514th Flight Test Squadron. It was during this time Isbell flew “Little Precious,” designated as the squadron commander’s F-16. He performed numerous Experimental Flight Test Missions in Little Precious before she was retired from active duty and reassigned to the Hill Aerospace Museum to be preserved and displayed for the public.

Nov. 17 – Larry Chatland

Larry Chantland joined the United States Air Force on January 25, 1952. During his service, he worked around the world. He spent five years in France working on generators, where all three of his children were born. In 1962, after serving in France, he was stationed at Travis Air Force Base. Following Travis AFB, he moved to Andrews AFB where he was assigned to work on Air Force One. Following his work on Air Force One, Larry went to Vietnam and then moved to Hill Air Force Base where he retired in November 1972. Following his service in the Air Force, Larry worked for 20 years in civil service, retiring in May 1992.

Nov. 24 – There will be no speaker due to Thanksgiving weekend.

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