Traffic signals coming to Wardleigh


Two new traffic signals are going up along an increasingly-busy Wardleigh Blvd.

One of the traffic lights will be installed at the intersection of H Avenue and the second light at the intersection of Arsenal Road. As part of the projects, pavement, drainage and electrical work will also need to be completed.

Base officials said the increasing volume of traffic and the safety of motorists along Wardleigh is the reason the traffic signals are being installed. There was one fatality and several near misses at these intersections in the past year.

Construction is scheduled to occur May 7-June 15 and again Aug. 1-22 at H Avenue and Wardleigh Blvd. In late August, construction of a second traffic signal at Arsenal Road and Wardleigh is also schedule to begin.

During the construction periods, there will be times when traffic will be reduced to one lane in each direction and officials ask for everyone’s patience as these much needed safety upgrades to the installation are made.

The reductions to one lane will be intermittent, officials said, and are not likely to last for entire days. Motorists, pedestrians and cyclists should obey all traffic laws during their commute throughout the construction area and help safely complete these projects with minimum delays.

For additional information about the construction projects, call Branko Vitanov at 801-586-2559.


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