EAP offers free services to stay positive when life throws you curves

EAP offers free services to stay positive when life throws you curves

HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah — Don’t worry. Be happy — yeah, that’s easier said than done.

It’s not always easy to remain positive as life throws you curves.

But your outlook on life plays a major role in your overall happiness. With the help of your Employee Assistance Program or EAP, you can learn to aim your thoughts, motivations, and behaviors toward positivity and begin to build and maintain a happier you.

One way to help build that sense of positivity is to get a handle on your finances. WorkLife4You has tools and resources to help:

• Research and referral for financial assistance programs

• Provide information on everything from budgeting to banking and reducing debt, to improving your credit

• Find local resources and experts to help you with college savings, retirement planning, and tax preparation

• Monthly Financial Wellness Live Talk educational series that covers specific financial matters such as budgeting, credit, estate planning and other related topics.

Checkout EAP for all we have to offer at www.FOH4You.com or Worklife4You.com or call us at 800-222-0364.

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