American Red Cross to the Armed Forces seeks volunteers

American Red Cross to the Armed Forces seeks volunteers

She’s a woman with determination and love for her country and its servicemembers.

Cindy Jones, a resident of Utah, is a Service to the Armed Forces, or SAF, emergency communications caseworker and she believes there’s a need for more volunteers like herself.

Caseworkers assist military families in communicating emergency family matters, such as an illness, death in the family or birth of a child. They also can help with emergency financial assistance and information and referrals to other organizations.

Her journey with the Red Cross began with the disaster action team more than five years ago when she fell in love with helping those in times of need.

“There’s not one (servicemember) that I won’t shake their hand and tell them that they are my hero,” Jones said.

Out of the many experiences she’s had, the one that stands out the most was when she was at the VA hospital in Salt Lake City.

She cried shoulder to shoulder with a military veteran.

“He never said a word during the exchange, but Jones remembers saying, ‘All the pain you’ve gone through, all the horrific things you’ve seen, I appreciate it and you’ve made me free. You’re my special hero.’”

She said people who want to volunteer, or maybe are on the fence about it, should take a trip to the Arlington Cemetery and see the hundreds and hundreds of crosses.

“They need to see the flags on Memorial Day. They need to realize they are living in a beautiful country. They need to go meet veterans and listen to their stories. I don’t know how anyone could not fall in love with them,” Jones said.

For details or to volunteer with the American Red Cross SAF, Utah Region, email Dee Dodwell at for details.

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