CFC message: Show Some Love

Since the 1960s the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) has afforded government employees an opportunity to contribute, via payroll donation, to a multitude of programs and organizations. This year is no different. The CFC theme this year is “Show Some Love.”

Every day fellow Airmen, friends, families, and surrounding communities have to deal with personal and/or professional challenges. Often it is through the assistance of a specific person or organization that they are able to receive the comfort, food, shelter, warmth, medicine, financial assistance, education, and/or other support required to help them face or overcome their specific adversity.

My first 2017 CFC Goal is to ensure that every AFSC employee is given the opportunity to consider supporting one or more of the worthwhile registered CFC programs or organizations that interest them.

Secondarily, it is my hope that our total pledges surpass those made last year. Paying it forward is one way we can share with others the benefits and blessings we’ve received. To that end, I ask that you please consider showing some love and contributing to any of the more than 20,000 registered organizations in this year’s CFC campaign.


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