Veterans Day – a day of honor, to honor

Saturday is Veterans Day, a day of honor where veterans are recognized as men and women who have or are serving in America’s Armed Forces.

Veterans Day is also a celebration to honor all of America’s Veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve for the common good.

For all service members, neither recognition nor words of thanks were guaranteed, yet all served with dignity and bravery. Those who served knew that much was expected of them, and that they might be asked to be away from family and friends, to miss important milestones, and to pack up and leave or deploy with little notice. They did all this with pride knowing their service was important. They did this because they know in their hearts that what they do is right and necessary. They did what they did for their families, friends, neighbors and fellow citizens. The same applies to Veterans who are currently serving today, and combined, these Veterans represent all that is best about America. We are fortunate to have abundant freedoms; to live, work and play where we choose; and to enjoy the promise of future opportunity and prosperity.

On Veterans Day, think about military men and women, past and present, who have taken an oath of service to defend and provide for the things you enjoy.

Saturday is a day of honor and a day to honor. On this day of celebration and reflection, I thank everyone who has worn a U.S. military uniform for their honorable service and for our freedom.


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