Team Hill NCOs to host combat dining-in

HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah – Team Hill 5/6 will host its annual combat dining-in for all Hill AFB military members on Oct. 14 at the building 295.

Many military customs and courtesies are traceable back to the days of Roman warriors and Vikings. Dining-ins, or gatherings, were held to celebrate victories on the battlefield and to honor individuals and units. These customs carried on through history from King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table to early American customs that are still present today.

Eventually, non-military persons such as the Saxons, monks, and medieval monasteries adapted these gatherings. Monks spread these customs to academies and universities attended by the British officer corps; the British carried these customs back to their military units.

In the 1700s, the British navy and army deployed units to America where George Washington’s Continentals borrowed much of their military structure and customs while establishing an independent nation.

In 1933, to build camaraderie within his unit, General H. Hap Arnold held famous parties called Wing Dings at March Field, California, inaugurating the first of these occasions in modern times. The rise of dining-ins came during World War II when American forces were stationed at Royal Air Force stations and declined during the late 1950s. At the beginning of 1958 the US Air Force tradition was rejuvenated.

Today, combat dining-ins are less formal gatherings that enhance morale, social rapport, and fellowship; combat dining-ins also lighten the burdens of work. This event also provides the opportunity to recognize individual and unit achievements newly arrived members, and say farewell to departing members.

You are invited to participate in the Team Hill 5/6 Combat Dining-In at the 388th/419th Maintenance Squadrons’ Propulsion Flight, building 295, Saturday, Oct. 14, from 5-8pm. Cost is $10 per person and this price includes pulled pork, chicken, rolls, beans, potato salad, water, and a soda for dinner. The Landing will also be providing beverages that will have to be purchased separately, cash only. To register, please contact Tech. Sgt. Sarah Martinez, Tech. Sgt. Gevoyd Little, Staff Sgt. Terry Smith via email or 801-777-5505 or Tech. Sgt. Matthew Dillander via email or 801-777-1119.


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