The new Hill Spouses Club: UNITY in the CommUNITY. Do you want to belong to a community that encourages your fullest potential?

Welcome to the NEW Hill AFB Spouses Club! It is an exciting time and beginning this year, ALL spouses from our Hill AFB community are invited to join. The official start of our group will be a FREE welcome event at the Log Cabin on base, Wednesday, Sept. 13, at 6 p.m. Check us out at Hill AFB Spouses’ Club Facebook Group or our webpage:

This club exists to build an inclusive community that encourages EVERY spouse to reach their fullest potential. This idea will guide the club and we will build the community. We will be architects of a support network where all are welcome, encouraged, and gain acceptance and respect while having fun.

The Hill Spouses Club provides a social outlet for all Hill spouses. Club members will meet new friends, build a network, and feel connected. The club is a non-profit philanthropic organization that provides scholarships to military spouses and children. It also awards grants to local organizations that support military families. Club members volunteer time and talent to benefit Airmen and their families. Generosity, friendship, and strengthening our community are key aspects.

This club, this group of people, this idea will build and support our community, creating a face-to-face social network. This is the most important goal. In today’s world we spend too much time separated from friends, neighbors, and our community. We are less happy, less healthy, and less connected. Together we can overcome this disconnect. By your presence, you strengthen this group; you support each other. This community is built on our shared culture as military spouses. I want to be part of what strengthens this community and I hope you do, too.

There exists so much potential to make a REAL difference in so many ways. If you want to make a difference in people’s lives, and have some fun while doing it, I hope you will join us and invite others. Let them know that we are serious about building this community until it bursts with talent and energy. Bring your talent… leave the rank. Bring your energy… leave the preconceptions. Our biggest regrets are almost exclusively things we did NOT do. Join me and see what you CAN do!


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