Hill Personnel Recognized at 14th Annual SE&TM awards celebration

Hill Personnel Recognized at 14th Annual SE&TM awards celebration

HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah — The 14th Annual Team Hill Science, Engineering and Technical Management Awards Celebration was held May 9 at the Hill Aerospace Museum. 

The annual event recognized award winners from the SE&TM community at Hill Air Force Base. Event host, Mr. Jay Fiebig, Senior Executive Service, kicked off the celebration by reminding award winners to reach out and thank those coworkers who support them. 

“The neat thing about this (event) is the recognition of the behind-the-scenes work our S&E folks do across the base,” said Dr. David “Doc” Hansen, Ogden Air Logistics Complex.

The event was held on the 85th anniversary of the first “blind,” instrument-only, solo flight performed by Capt. Albert Hegenberger.

The Utah Chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers helped to sponsor the celebration.

Attendees were pleased to hear from Dr. Larry Butkus, Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Dr. Butkus has been in federal service for over 30 years, including 21 years of active duty service in the Air Force. He highlighted many of the emerging technologies that will soon be available at Hill Air Force Base including a handheld device to check aircraft cleanliness and readiness for bonding, an elastomeric material for nutplate installation, and the use of HoloLens Augmented Reality technology in maintenance and design.

About 250 people attended to receive and support 71 individual award winners, 10 team awards and seven Director’s Choice Award winners. The individual and team award winners had previously received group- and center-level awards for their efforts to advance the Air Force mission. 

Capt. Benjamin Hoff, who was recognized at the event, said, “I was really touched to be recognized as it represents a lot of hard work that, while it needed to be done, was individually too small for anyone to really take notice.”

For the first time in the history of the Team Hill SE&TM Awards, the Director’s Choice Award winners were selected by individual group-level leaders. Previously, they had been selected by leaders such as Mr. Fiebig, based upon the recommendation of group-level leaders. 

Winners of the Director’s Choice Awards were:

Hazen Sedgwick,

Britton Hayden,

Chad Hogan,

Kenneth Noorlander,

Bryan Swan,

Steven Glaittli and

Kevin Schabacker.

Individual award winners were:

Forrest Brown,

Barry A. Swank,

James Yorgason,

Wayne Child,

Monique MacCarthy,

Stephen Lindsay

Kenneth Bennett,

Marcus Rogers,

Seth Decato,

Paul Stout,

Jay P. Mower,

Jeffery P. Johnson,

Jay W. Embry,

Gerald T. Kummer,

Joshua L. Leavitt,

Kimm G. DeLauer,

Rena R. Hunt

Maj. Jenna Rederus,

Kevin D. Zimmerschied,

Capt. Benjamin Hoff,

Lance Moss,

Tyrell Philpott,

Gary Dowdy,

Dan Christenson,

David Frederick,

Benjamin Harris,

Dena Stanley,

1st Lt. Jonathan Smith,

Chad Hogan,

Spencer Terry,

Vance Bowman,

Jared Butterfield,

1st Lt. Luke Dorlac

Robert Lundstrom,

Matthew R. Huff,

David Hamblin,

Michael Tolman

Capt. Wade Appel,

1st Lt. Heidi Moore,

Lawrence Stoker,

Hazen Sedgwick,

Thomas Gailey,

Mark Thomsen,

Col. Heath Collins,

Phil Macaluso,

Martin Peters,

1st Lt. Corey Combs,

Colin Allen,

Vince Eddards,

Clint Sherman,

Capt. Isaac Pelagio,

Capt. Jared Evans,

Lt. Col. Dan Wheeler,

Nick Maughan,

Mike Daniel,

Steve Glaittli,

Al Medina,

Scott Higgins,

Karl Rogers,

Eries Cornelius,

Pete Miller,

Capt. Christopher Brown,

Maj. Jessy Johns,

Lindsey King,

Val Sackmann,

David Aguillard,

Alison Sturgeon,

Craig Bodily,

Lt. Col. Byron


Team award winners:

Electrochemical Milling Team:

Trent Tholen,

Trevor Foust,

Brad Johnson,

Daniel Minert,

Jack Olsen,

Steven Roskelley,

Savanna J. Stepp,

Erik Thompson and

Caleb Trammell


Bart R. McCoard,

Aaron Mancil,

Scott Kosobud,

Randy Winmill,

Jacob Wilde,

Erik Parkes,

Jose Bautista,

Doug Daines,

Gary Sase,

Art Diaz,

Sarah Childers,

Justin Gowers,

Dan Brog,

Dave Callister,

Paul Willoughby,

Brian Vandenberg,

Justin Hendrix,

Dale Sample,

Eric Hair,

Roger Randall,

Dean Fonnesbeck,

Josh Hootman,

Sam Haymes,

Amanda Clark and

Michael McMichael

Personnel Recovery Mission Software Team:

Brandon Evans,

Brent VanDerMeide,

Bill Larkin,

Charles Bisbee,

Daniel Bybee,

Daniel Keth,

Jason Foust,

Jonathan Pichot,

Jordan Ludke,

Scott Vigil,

Shane Brown,

Stewart Sum,

Troy Wright,

Vincent Chau,

Andrea Orvin and

Robert Bardago

Configuration Management Team:

Catherine L. Barker,

Cassie Belt,

Niki Martinez,

Neil Packwood,

Lori Rasmussen,

Nancy Shevey,

Linda Stanley,

Deanna Beard,

Carrie Bearden,

Mandy Bertagnolli,

Ashley Bishop,

Cory Eaby,

Mark Holstein,

Cheryl Nemeth,

Wade Peacock,

Jessica Rees,

Stephany Starkey,

Gerald “Jerry” Tweden,

Daniel Stuart,

Kathy Lemmon,

Christina Salvatera,

Susan Whetton,

Michelle Wilkinson,

Michelle Casper,

Jill Oliver,and

Danell Sorenson

F-15 Wheel & Brakes System Improvement Team:

Ron Montgomery,

Chad Hogan,

Maj. Brandy Wade,

Terri Nelson,

Mike Schow,

Shandra Corbitt,

Brian Flowers,

Tom Gonsor,

Amber Evans,

Paul Hudson,

Travis Adams,

Reed Merkley,

Andrew Clark,

Gerald “Egan” Wheeler,

Jared Butterfield,

Dave Frederick,

Juliann Gonsor,

1st Lt. Julia Bell and

Rocky Tello

ICBM Depot Stand-up Team:

Greg Rickard,

James Lee,

Kristy Weimer,

Gary Jepson,

Robert Touse,

Nathan Anderson,

Benjamin Hoff,

Karl Shupe,

Alex Amaya,

Rachael Morse,

Jacob Jackson,

Donald Sandberg,

Andrew Welsh,

Michael Lambert,

Daniel Torgerson,

Chancey Bailer,

Geoff Hale,

Gregory Segura,

David Burress,

Andrew Young

417th Surface Tech Team:

Ron Montgomery,

Chad Hogan,

Brad Martin,

Michael Schow,

Dave Frederick,

Mike Blommer,

Andrew Clark

Mature & Proven Aircraft Technical Services Team:

Steven Ames,

Gary Ash,

Standish Bradford,

Patrick Candelaria,

Donald Chesmer,

David Ganio,

Billie Gipson,

Martin Goldsberry,

Shaunna Johnson,

Edward Kinsey,

Robyn Layton,

John LeClair,

Mark Lewis,

Eppie Martinez,

Denver Miller,

Mark Miller,

Bradley Peugh,

Carlos Pontes,

Carlos E. Romero Jr.,

and Steve Vanballegooie

AFSC/EN Team of the Quarter 16-3:

Ruth Schaefer and

Thahn Van Nguyen

AFSC/EN Team of the Quarter 16-1:

Craig Bodily and

Mike Polzin.

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