Special events take center stage for commissary savings in May


Whether it’s for case lot sales, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day or more, commissaries are offering special savings throughout May for Military Appreciation Month. “We want to thank our military members and their families for their service,” said Tracie Russ, director of sales for the Defense Commissary Agency. “One way for us to do this at your local commissary is to offer the ever-popular Customer Appreciation Case Lot Sale – it’s bulk shopping with significant savings.” DeCA’s industry partners – vendors, suppliers and brokers – are collaborating with commissaries in May to offer discounts beyond everyday savings. Overseas stores may have substitute events for certain promotional programs. Patrons can also see the Sales Flyer at www.commissaries.com or get a copy at the store entrance. Go to https://commissaries.com/press_room/press_release/2017/DeCA_23_17.cfm for more details.

Commissary store brand names unveiled

The Defense Commissary Agency has chosen the names “Freedom’s Choice™” and “HomeBase™” for its private label product assortment. Private label, also known as store brands, will begin appearing on commissary shelves toward the end of May. “Commissary patrons have been telling us for quite some time that they want to take advantage of the value offered by store brands, but commissaries have not had their own brand until now,” said Joseph H. Jeu, DeCA director and CEO. Freedom’s Choice will be the commissary brand name for food items and HomeBase for nonfood items such as paper products and other household items. “Our private label products will also be equal or lower in price to commercial grocery store brands,” he added. For more on DeCA’s store brand program, go to https://commissaries.com/documents/contact_deca/faqs/private-label.cfm.

Surcharge helps renovate, build, maintain commissaries

The commissary surcharge, the 5 percent added to every customer’s bill to build, modernize and maintain commissary facilities, continues to serve its purpose as the Defense Commissary Agency begins implementing its business transformation changes this year. “At DeCA, we are making significant changes to help maintain current patron savings while improving the shopping experience and reducing our operating costs,” said DeCA Director and CEO Joseph H. Jeu. “However, these changes do not affect the surcharge amount, which continues to allow patrons to invest in the construction of new and the renovation of old commissaries.” The impact of the surcharge is highly visible. In early April, a new $38 million commissary, the largest in DeCA, opened at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. In February, a new $36 million commissary opened at Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Florida, and in 2016 a new $26 million commissary opened at Spangdahlem Air Base Germany. “It’s not a tax,” said DeCA Historian Dr. Pete Skirbunt. “With the surcharge, commissary customers through their purchases help maintain key aspects of the commissary benefit.”


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