Turning in excess government property

HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah — For some, the process of turning in old, unused or excess government property is as mysterious as the Bermuda Triangle or the Lost City of Atlantis, but it doesn’t need to be. 

The process, although not overly complicated, seems challenging because most of us simply do not use it on a regular basis. Instead, we tend to collect unwanted or excess equipment, furniture and other items in our work centers until we eventually decide our space has become cluttered and unsightly. 

In order to understand the process, it is important to first visit the Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services (known to many as ‘DRMO’) website at http://www.dla.mil/DispositionServices.aspx. This website provides user-friendly, step-by-step instructions for turn-in procedures, as well as all of the required turn-in documentation.

DLA officials said local Disposition Services Representatives, known as DSRs, are also available to help with the turn-in process. Customers requiring help because of turn-in volume, diversity of items, possible security concerns or special circumstances should contact a DSR for direct help.

The DSR will provide a site visit, walk you through the entire process, help you fill out the required DD Form 1348-1A and answer all questions. Questions should be directed to a local DSR by email at drmshilldsr@dla.mil.

New in 2017 will be a monthly training program to support the Disposition Services customer base, officials said. Training will be held on-site and will provide face-to-face training on turning in items. 

Dates and times for those courses are forthcoming.

Additionally, Disposition Services recently created a new tool called the Digital DSR, which is creating quite a buzz. It can be found at http://www.dla.mil/ddsr.

The new tool provides simple navigation and user-friendly, step-by-step instructions about the turn-in process, guidance on how to search for property for re-utilization purposes, questions associated with hazardous material, as well as quick links to organizational information, local and national stock numbers, DEMIL codes, WebFlis, Transportation Scheduler and a host of other helpful information.

One reoccurring question commonly asked to Disposition Services when customers initiate a turn-in is, “Does each piece of property require its own DD Form 1348-1A paperwork?” 

The answer to that is no, it does not. Officials said a customer turning in 10 landing gear axles that are identical and have the same National Stock Number requires only one 1348-1A, which will then reflect a quantity of 10 in the “quantity field.” 

This also applies to items that have a Local Stock Number (locally procured) as well. But, a customer with 10 items that are completely different from one another, each item will require its own 1348-1A. 

Disposition Services said one thing to keep in mind when only one 1348-1A is required, is to try to contain the property as best as possible so that personnel can easily identify what 1348-1A and property belong with one another.

If multiple small packages are associated with only one 1348-1A and it is loosely dropped with 50 other non-like items, this often causes confusion for Disposition Services personnel. It is best to contain those packages within one larger, sealed box and securely fix the documentation to the outside of the box. 

A good rule of thumb is not to ship something in a manner that you wouldn’t want to receive it yourself. Most importantly, it is always best to contact one of the DSR’s before turning in property.

Once all the paperwork is completed and attached to the property, a turn-in appointment can be scheduled on the DLA Disposition Services website or by simply using the quick link on the Digital DSR Tool. 

Appointments are available Monday-Wednesday, 7 a.m.-1 p.m. 

Customers should plan ahead, officials said, as the next-available appointments may be as far as 90 days out depending on the volume of property coming in. After an appointment is scheduled, the customer will need to arrange for transportation of all turn-in items to DLA Disposition Services located at 7844 Arsenal Rd., building 896. 

Customers requiring a government vehicle can use one assigned to their organization or check one out through 75th Logistics Readiness Squadron Vehicle Operations. Vehicle Operations can be reached at 801-777-1843. 

At the designated appointment time, Disposition Services personnel will provide further instructions for finalizing paperwork (if required) and direct customers to a designated drop-off area within the facility.

Disposition Services said property being turned in should be properly contained on pallets, shrink wrapped or banded or within tri-walls, etc., to assist in the off-load process. 

If moving vans or pick-up trucks are used for transport and property is not contained as mentioned above, extra personnel may be required for off-loading. 

Besides helping make workplaces clutter-free, Disposition Services provides a way for reutilizing new and used excess property that has been turned in. 

According to officials, the intent is to provide a central controlling agency for distributing this property to any and all Defense Department, local and state agencies worldwide.

In the current environment of shrinking budgets, this provides an alternative to purchasing new-items and should be considered first by all DOD units looking to replace or upgrade equipment or property. 

A property search engine is available on the DLA Disposition Services website for customers wishing to take advantage of the reutilization program or on the Digital DSR tool. Additionally, walk-ins are accepted Monday-Thursday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

By taking the time necessary to solve the ‘mystery’ involved with turning in excess government property to DLA Disposition Services, is able to meet DOD’s obligation to recycle serviceable equipment, account for government property and be good stewards of taxpayer money.

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